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30 April 2006 @ 04:49 pm
Trust - Sephiroth/Cloud - Part II  
((Summary: Cloud and Sephiroth wake up in bed together the day after their second fight and they have a talk while they remain beneath the sheets. After changing, the worlds most powerful men venturing out into the world to deal with one of mankind’s most deadliest of places in order to complete their mission… Time is of the essence and there are forces working against the would-be heroes as their enemies attempt to confuse and overpower the pair.

WARNING: Foreplay and prelude to sex scenes in Part III))

Sephiroth: Following Cloud’s lead when his hand was yet again tugged along, Sephiroth’s gaze snapped up at the first signs of other people entering into his presence. His grip around his lovers hand tightened for a moment, the only gesture he gave to his slowly growing unease but he still continued on regardless. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was which caused such unease within him. The fact that he was entering into what could only be something considered as society, or the knowledge that it was a situation in which there was no way he could foresee the final outcome and that he would have no control over the situation what so ever.

The growing unease slowed slightly when he felt the calming touch of Cloud’s head as his lover leant his head against his shoulder, the gesture silently reminding him that despite the situation, he would not be alone. Sephiroth said nothing in regards to Cloud’s statement and simply followed the other as they continued to make their way towards the supermarket.

Though he knew it would happen, Sephiroth couldn’t help the small spike of disappointment when the hold to his hand dropped as Cloud picked up a basket, something for holding their desired items he assumed. Catching the gesture, Sephiroth silently trailed behind his lover as they made their way past a few of the other aisles, curiosity getting the better of him as he glanced briefly down each row, his brow rising in question as he caught sight of all the products within.

He knew what he should have expected from such an establishment but it still overwhelmed him slightly to view it with his own eyes, witnessing the vast array of items available for purchase.

A slight chill to the air brought his attention back to his surroundings as he noticed both Cloud and himself approaching the dairy section. Walking out past his lover, Sephiroth’s curiosity got the better of him yet again as he stepped up alongside the large shelved fridge and began inspecting the multitude of labels one would have to search for in order to find something as simple as milk.

And what on earth was ‘homo’ milk? Sephiroth pondered, the name struck him as odd and uncaring if he were doing anything wrong, Sephiroth reached out picking up the carton as he inspected the label further.

Cloud: Cloud lead the way through the supermarket, most people just minding their own business and hardly even taking notice of himself or Sephiroth as they passed by for the dairy aisle. He glanced down a few aisles to make sure he knew which one he would need to go down to pick up various other items that he required to actually feed himself and Sephiroth. He wanted to stop by the vegetable section next to pick up something fresh, but he made his way to the dairy section as it was generally the least packed section.

He was pleased that it wasn't a busy as it normally was like when he travelled through on his way back to his apartment. There were quite a few young families about along with more than a few elderly couples wandering. He avoided coming in contact and glanced over when Sephiroth took off down the dairy aisle, pausing to watch the older man. He shouldn't have thought that the Great General Sephiroth investigating milk would be so humorous, but he couldn't help taking a moment to enjoy the sight of the older man peering at the shelves at the various labels. Like a child... he thought as he finally proceeded in after his lover.

He stepped up beside Sephiroth and looked through the various milks before he found one that he wanted. He reached out and grabbed a carton of 1% milk, setting it in his basket before looking at Sephiroth. "We don't want that one," he assured quietly and then looked around for where he could find some good cheese to buy.

Sephiroth: He was finding it difficult to understand exactly the point behind the nutritional facts upon the side of the carton. Some of it yes he could understand the point of putting such as information regarding the amount of protein and calcium one would get from drinking such a beverage, but by the planet why would they include a percentage of milk when the product you were in fact buying was none other than milk itself? It was no wonder the foolish humans were always fighting amongst themselves considering how complicated they decide to make their lives. He had never looked closely at the contents of the meals he consumed previously, knowing there was no need with all things considered. He was surely going to rectify this oversight though now that he knew otherwise.

“How can you consider your choice so easily considering all the varieties available?” Sephiroth asked, confused as to why Cloud would take such an easy way out and pick the first thing within reach. Holding the carton in one hand, Sephiroth reached into the basket for the carton his lover had seemingly thoughtlessly decided upon and picked it up to compare it with the other one. His eyes narrowed in thought as he looked at the information upon one of the cartons to the other before he turned Cloud’s choice of milk around and made a gesture to one section upon the label. “Especially considering such vast difference between these two cartons alone… How can there be one percent of fat contained within this one, and yet this other one has far more within?”

Placing both cartons back upon the shelf, appalled that it seemed that one couldn’t even buy something as simple as untainted milk, Sephiroth turned his sharp gaze towards his lover as he inquired. “Homogenised pasteurised modified milk… am I to understand that this milk is no longer pure? And yet you wish for us to consume something which isn’t pure?”

Cloud: Cloud was about to make off and go get himself some cheese, but Sephiroth halted him from leaving with the sudden question. He turned his head to regard the older man and tilted it to the side, curious as to what the big deal was. He had been drinking 1% milk since he was a child, and he knew well that homo milk wasn't the best with all the extra fat in it. His mother had taught him that, he remembered even if he wanted to forget the rest of the conversation he had with her that day.

He quirked an eyebrow when Sephiroth stole his milk from the basket and looked at the two, shrugging his shoulders a little as he waited for the older man to be satisfied so that they could move on to the next item. "1% milk is better for adults because there is less fat in it," he replied simply about to take the carton back when Sephiroth put them both into the fridge again. He shook his head slightly and remained patient, reasoning that Sephiroth needed to learn some things about the supermarket. "You don't want to drink pure milk anyway. It tastes bad, and it is full of bacteria and who knows what else. I always get 1% and it has never hurt me yet."

He reached over and grabbed a carton of 1% milk again and set it back into his basket. He gave Sephiroth a pat on the shoulder and nodded his head to indicate he was going to move down the aisle to get something else. "Let's get some cheese. And if there is something you want, let me know, okay?"

Sephiroth: He remained quiet as Cloud gave his explanation, finding the logic behind such an assessment and yet even as he allowed his gaze to travel along the shelving before him, Sephiroth found himself frowning in thought when he caught sight of all the other apparent ‘low fat’ choices. He could be here all day while attempting to find a suitable choice for which they should consume, something he held no desire to do considering he would much prefer to get this ordeal over and done with and return back to the apartment with his lover.

There was still one thing that was confusing him though. “Then why drink milk at all if it is known to have impurities and bacteria within to harm the consumers? Why put yourself at such risk is beyond me.”

He made no move to even acknowledge the new carton Cloud had seen fit to pick, deciding it lucky that the calcium enriched beverage was lucky that it were too remained being consumed by him from this point forward.

Sephiroth felt himself calm slightly, his concerns over the milk topic fading to the back of his mind as he brought his attention back onto his lover. Nodding his head in acceptance, Sephiroth slowly made his way past Cloud, leaving the confusing topic of milk behind as he weaved around the few other customers, making sure to keep a decent amount of distance between himself and the others.

He felt himself pause though, his eyes narrowing in thought as he noticed a mother and what he assumed to be her child within a pram standing exactly where their destination were it seemed.

Typical. Sephiroth thought to himself, not wishing to associate with the woman and opted to simply waiting for her to make her selection and to leave the area before inspecting the choices himself.

Slowly, almost unnoticeably his gaze drifted down to catch sight of the miniature legs within the pram. The limbs half untucked by the equally small rug which use to cover them before this human child decided it too hot to cover it any further. Curiosity getting the better of him, Sephiroth moved himself up to the island fridge, his gaze casting a quick look down to the cheese before it once again found itself edging over to view the baby.

It was oddly cute… in that odd way that miniature things seemed to always be. Sephiroth took note, intently studying the clear blue eyes, pale skin and equally pale hair this chubby underdeveloped human had.

Cloud: Glad that Sephiroth didn't take away his new carton of milk, Cloud only paused long enough to look back at the older man. "Well... they do treat it to get rid of all the bad stuff from it and remove some of the fat as well. It is completely safe to drink when it is on the shelves, just you have to watch for the expiry date. After it... could be dangerous to drink." He nodded his head and watched Sephiroth wander off in the direction of the cheese.

He again stood back and watched the older man, noting the dilemma that presented itself. His lover was not the most social, and he amused that Sephiroth stood to the side and waited for the woman to finish with the cheese before trying to move in. He didn't pay it any mind and followed after Sephiroth, slipping by his lover without a glance down to the little infant and paying even less attention to the fact that Sephiroth seemed intent on the newborn.

He slipped into the space beside the child's mother and picked through the cheese in search of a good one. He turned his head at the muttering of the blonde woman beside him, and she looked at him in return. He offered her the bar of cheese that he had picked up to make sure it wasn't the one that she had been after. She didn't take it and instead asked him to help find a specific type in the bin of mixed up cheeses. He couldn't turn down a new mother or anyone, so he gladly went to work searching through the bin with her to find the deserved item so that he could allow Sephiroth in to investigate the item known as cheese.

Sephiroth: The cheese had long ago left his mind as Sephiroth found his thoughts focused upon the small child within the pram. It was odd to think that once even he had been this small although the eye colour was always the shade of green it were while the pupils were slitted like that of a feline. There was no doubt within his mind that his hair had always the silver colour it was today and he found himself attempting to imagine those qualities upon this newborn child.

The image he received though didn’t seem to fit, the fact that he was once this small seeming almost illogical and irrational but knew that all life began weak and helpless… just some never changed no matter how many masks were put into place to show otherwise.

His gaze turned away from the child within the pram, allowing his thoughts to drift away from such a topic before allowing himself to return his attention to that which remained quietly gurgling within the pram. As sudden thought occurred to him as Sephiroth watched the baby, its blue eyes now seeking out his own intense stare, and Sephiroth found himself glancing up at his lover as he noted Cloud helping out the mother of this child. Far too distracted by his thoughts to think much further with the interaction, Sephiroth found himself growing curious over what a child between himself and Cloud would possibly look like. Granted considering their genders it was an illogical thought but then again, because something was illogical did not mean that thoughts could not be placed upon such a notion.

Returning his attentions back down to the child, he envisioned it with characteristics from both of them, finding himself growing rather amused and intrigued with the outcomes he received. It was unfortunate that such a thing was an impossibility.

Cloud: Rustling through the cheese bin, Cloud took more than a few moments to actually find what it was that the blonde mother was looking for. Like most things, he completed his mission by finding the required item and offered it to the woman. He nodded his head when she smiled at him and took the item, not saying much to her gracious thank you for helping out. He watched her tend to the little child, for the first time glancing down at the infant. It was obviously quite new, but he went about ignoring it again when the mother wandered off.

He turned his attentions to Sephiroth who looked rather lost in thought, and he quirked an eyebrow. He shifted himself over to leave an opening for Sephiroth at the cheese bin before grabbing the block he had initially chosen for himself, looking back to his lover. "You look lost in thought... you're not still thinking about the milk are you?" He tilted his head to the side and shifted the basket. "If you really want to know the most natural source of milk, I assure you that it is inaccessible to you or me... and I doubt you are brave enough to ask that woman back there for some of her milk, since... breast milk is the most natural for humans."

He offered Sephiroth a warning look right after. He wasn't sure, but he didn't want Sephiroth waltzing up to a poor woman with child and ask for milk. It would warrant a slap he was sure. "And no, you aren't allowed to ask. Don't even consider it. Wait for your own children to get some," he said and turned on his heel, walking off down the aisle to get to the vegetable section.

Sephiroth: He watched deep in thought as the pram before him was wheeled away while the mother moved on to deal with the rest of her grocery shopping. It took him a few moments to realise that Cloud had spoken to him, his mind still fixated upon its previous thoughts, before he turned his full attentions onto his lover and moved up to stand beside the younger man. At the words he heard, Sephiroth gaze sharply snapped up at as the topic shifted back onto their previous discussion over milk. “I am not going to suck upon a woman’s breast Cloud, no matter how natural that milk might be. So you have no fear over that little fiasco happening.”

Sephiroth ignored the warning look, needing none of it considering that he wouldn’t even give a woman a second glance, let alone touch one if there was a choice. As Cloud turned to walk off to yet another section, Sephiroth could feel the usual fear grip tightly within him as the implications to what his lover had suggested. His eyes narrowed in thought, the jade colour within darkening slightly as he watched his lovers retreating form. “Well unless you bear me a child Cloud, I highly doubt I will be siring any children in the future.”

Cloud: "I didn't think that you would do that," Cloud assured, more than aware that Sephiroth would make no move to leave him for a woman... or anyone really. He didn't think it was possible for the older man to let him go just yet, and Sephiroth had said as much in the previous day. He was unconcerned about the possibility that Sephiroth would rush off to find natural milk elsewhere. No, his lover would do just fine with 1% milk from a carton and leave the women alone.

He stopped walking and looked back over his shoulder at the older man, quirking an eyebrow at the sheer impossible suggestion. He didn't want children, and he had no way of helping Sephiroth with that one. Being male made it a complete impossibility, but he supposed whatever floated Sephiroth's boat the older man could imagine. He managed his first small bout of airy laughter, his lips upturning in amusement as the hardness of his features disappeared for that moment before he stopped himself and shook his head. "Me, bear a child? I'm male, thus... it's impossible and not happening. Not even you or Jenova can make that possible, Sephiroth. Let's leave that thought in the dairy section, shall we?"

He gestured for the older man to follow him, wanting to soothe to Sephiroth again so that he could pick up the last few things. He didn't want Sephiroth to have a bad experience at the supermarket, given it was the older man's first real time. He waited for Sephiroth to follow him before moving off to get some vegetables.

Sephiroth: Sephiroth felt a single brow rise up in question when he saw Cloud’s expression change, shortly before the quiet sound of his lovers laughter could be heard. It had been the first time he’d ever heard such a sound emitting from the younger man and it was that fact that took his mind off the actual fact that Cloud was laughing at something he suggested. He was about to reply when something instantly caught his attention.


His mind began working, analysing the possibilities of such a thing as he worked through each of his memories when it came in regards to his mother. She had the ability to change the shape of those who bared her cells. All throughout the age of Meteor, he had manipulated those useless clones into his own imaged as he controlled them to do his bidding, changing the very DNA within in order to create the flawless image of himself.

Was there a possibility that the same could be done with this situation? Sephiroth questioned himself, his mind ticking over the possibilities of if the Jenova cells within Cloud’s body would first of all be sufficient enough in number and of course it the whole ordeal was plausible on top of all else.

The illusion of gender changing was far too easy to manipulate but the real question lay within the fact of if the outer appearance would transform into that of a female… does that also mean that there are changes within the body that can be done as well?

It might take more focus and cells to do such integral work, the mechanics behind such a body function needing careful planning as it would ruin it all if there were even one small aspect over looked.

He was getting ahead of himself though, Sephiroth noted as his trailed his gaze thoughtfully along Cloud’s figure. He highly doubted that his lover had enough of his Mothers cells within him for such a task to begin with, let alone how he could possibly find a way to increase the amount in his lover. This needed far more thought before coming to any conclusions but it seemed that the actual possibility wasn’t as impossible as he originally thought… All thanks to the words of his lover of course.

“You challenge me Cloud.” Sephiroth lowly spoke, his eyes narrowed thoughtfully as his gaze remained locked with Cloud’s own. Walking up slowly to reach Cloud’s side, unmindful of who ever might be looking Sephiroth wrapped an arm around the younger mans waist, pulling him up against his own body as he leant down and captured his lover’s lips with his own. Tugging on Cloud’s bottom lip with his teeth, Sephiroth pulled away from the contact all together as his lips turned up into a satisfied smile. “Your challenge has been accepted.”

Cloud: Cloud stopped to think for a moment about his own statement, having not considered it before it had left his lips. He knew little about the biology that was associated with Jenova aside from the fact she could get into people's bodies and take over. He had seen many physical changes because of Jenova cells as well, and it didn't seem like gender was much of an issue when those cells were involved. He wasn't about to think about just how true the transformation was, but he could be fairly certain that external reproduction of a specific form meant nothing to the internal portions of the body. It just wasn't possible no matter how he looked at it.

He was a man, born and brought up that way. He had everything that males were supposed to have, meaning he couldn't be changed for any purpose but the one he was bred for. Of course, there was also the fact that pretty much all of his Jenova cells had been eliminated from his body with Aerith's water and the later attack to create his eyes as they were. Even if Sephiroth tried to justify it, he didn't have Jenova cells that could allow for such an external transformation. The best he could do was fake being a woman on occasion.

He shook his head, accepting the logic for what it was... pure logic.

Looking back at Sephiroth, he quirked an eyebrow at the mention of challenge. He knew it was not advised to challenge Sephiroth, but the sheer dynamics of how anything like that would work was completely out. He was about to reply with his logic when he found himself wrapped up in Sephiroth's arms and lips against his own... right in the middle of a supermarket. He let out an indignant sound immediately, pushing hard against the older man's chest and stepping back when his lips weren't being nibbled on.

His expression immediately hardened as he looked around the aisle he was it, and it didn't appear that anyone had noticed. Thankfully the aisle only had three people in it at the far end for the moment. "Not in public," he warned with a dangerous edge to his voice. "I do not want the media taking pictures and slandering it all over the papers or television, and I can't protect you from the people you hate if they all know about you lick-locking me." He huffed and turned on his heel, ignoring the statements about a challenge. It was impossible.

Sephiroth: Cloud’s reaction was to be expected when Sephiroth heard the indignant noise that automatically sounded from his lover, he had already begun to release the younger man even as he felt the demanding push for release from Cloud. The hardened expression upon his lovers face did nothing to hinder the smug smile which spread across his lips.

Inclining his head at Cloud’s words, Sephiroth’s eyes shone with calculated amusement as he spoke “I apologise Cloud.” His expression though shifted, losing all traces of amusement as he listened to the rest of Clouds speech before his lover spun on his heels and began walking off. Sephiroth trailed behind the younger man silently in thought, his gaze intently watching Cloud’s figure as the younger man carried the basket towards what seemed to be the vegetable section.

Possible repercussions from his actions had not entered his mind when he had moved to touch his lover, his actions automatically reflecting the challenge he’d felt from Cloud’s words, showing them through touch that he had accepted what was offhandedly given to him. He always knew it was difficult for him to reject a challenge, to ignore it completely when it was given to him from the one who had always had his attention and challenged him.

Sephiroth’s attentions shifted over to the new department they were entering, his gaze mechanically scanning the area taking in the number of people within it while also considering the products available for purchase. This section had just about as many people as the last, an old human male over beside the broccoli section, that same mother and child as the dairy section was now over beside the onions while another overly large woman was observing what looked to be potatoes.

His gaze lingered on the third woman, finding her appearance slightly odd considering that within the face and arms, that she seemed far too slim for the size her stomach was showing. Eyes narrowing in thought, he studied the woman intently as his pace dropped and he became further behind Cloud as his lover continued onwards.

Perhaps this female is pregnant? Sephiroth thought to himself as he considered the possibility. He had never actually seen a pregnant woman before, his life had always been within the military or upon the battlefield before hand and neither of those times had ever given him the opportunity to see much of the lives of what the common humans did.

Would Cloud look like that if he managed to actually pull off the challenge handed to him?

Sliding his gaze over the various vegetables, his attentions eventually found that of his lover as Sephiroth attempted to see what Cloud would look like, if he did in fact fall pregnant.

Cloud: Moving along the bigger aisles towards the vegetable section, Cloud only glanced back once to make sure that Sephiroth was trailing behind him. Really, he shouldn't have had to as he knew that Sephiroth would come after him, but it assured him to spot the older man walking a short distance behind him. It didn't seem like Sephiroth would be making anymore public moves against him for now, so he was contented again.

He walked into the open vegetable section and paused to look around for the item that he wanted to grab. He didn't really pay attention to the people in it as he began to make his way across the section towards where he could get some lettuce. He paused at the potatoes as he passed by, thinking that he could make up something with those since it had been awhile since he had allowed himself to eat them.

A potato dropped to the floor from the pregnant woman already choosing a few, and, without a thought, he dropped to a crouch and grabbed the fallen vegetable up again, placing it back on the pile and offering a similar one to the female. She was way too pregnant to be bending down over a potato, and he could just imagine Sephiroth's fascination at sudden labour in a supermarket. Besides, it was only a nice thing to do as she seemed rather grateful and pet her swollen stomach fondly while asking him if he knew the difference between kinds of potatoes.

He didn't and admitted such even as he picked out a few potatoes to make sure that she would be alright to lift the bag she was carrying into the metal buggy. He couldn't let her lift something heavy, so took the bag from her after a twist-tie on it. Once she was set, he watched her waddle off slowly before returning to collecting a few potatoes for himself.

Sephiroth: His gaze snapped its attention entirely onto his lover when he sighted Cloud crouched down to pick up a stray potato as the woman in which he believed was in fact pregnant dropped. Would Cloud also be impaired from doing such tasks? Sephiroth wondered, finding the whole idea far too amusing to what he should have.

Slowly he continued to make his way over to where Cloud was aiding the pregnant woman, searching out for better suited potatoes as he made small conversation. Shifting his attention over to the woman as she pet her rounded stomach, Sephiroth found the gesture to be a curious one and found himself wondering why it was done in the beginning. Sure he had to admit it felt nice when Cloud touched his body in such a way, but to do it to one’s own? It seemed to completely defeat the purpose of such a gesture.

Watching as Cloud continued to aid the woman with her vegetable collection, Sephiroth bypassed everything else along the way as he kept his attention focused upon his lover and that pregnant woman. He would have to figure out the key behind the challenge, it was making him rather curious to know what it would be like to see Cloud pregnant with his child. The actual impossibility behind such a thing completely eluding him as Sephiroth thought logically around his problem to such an illogical notion. Though all of his previous ideas within the past had met with an untimely end due to outside influences, everything that he had set his mind too had become a possible reality despite how illogical the plan seemed to be. That notion only steeled his beliefs and furthered his desire to complete the challenge as the actual reality of it coming true slowly became possible within his mind.

Coming up to stand beside his lover as the woman finally continued on her way, Sephiroth absently picked up a potato to inspect but glanced down to the side, wanting to catch his lovers attention before gesturing purposely towards the retreating pregnant woman.

Cloud: Cloud turned his gaze to Sephiroth when he found the older man at his side again, thinking that his lover just really didn't like being social to anyone but him. He watched Sephiroth pick up a potato and gesture to the retreating pregnant woman, not certain what the gesture was supposed to indicate. He thought that perhaps Sephiroth didn't understand the woman's condition or perhaps didn't know why he had helped her at all. The older man hardly gestured towards anything without a purpose and he leaned forward so he that he could regard the woman's back.

"What is it? She's fine now," he assured, going with the most logical cause for gesturing. He had no idea what Sephiroth was making wild gestures about aside from that. "If she needs help, she can call for it. There are plenty of staff around."

Packing up a few more potatoes and holding the bag out for Sephiroth to drop the one that his lover was holding in, he looked around for the lettuce, spotting it a short distance away. He decided that would be it as his feet were starting to ache and it made him limp even when he shifted his weight too much.

Sephiroth: He was still finding himself amused with it all, even more so when Cloud caught his gesture and obviously didn’t understand the meaning behind it… or more to the point purposely ignoring what they both knew the meaning to be. His amusement increased when he saw his lover lean forward and study the retreating woman, thoughtfully speaking along the most logical of senses.

“It makes me curious to know if you will hold a similar appearance when you are pregnant with my child” He mused quietly, keeping his tone low enough for only both of them to hear what was spoken.

Glancing down to the offered bag, Sephiroth held onto the potato for a short while longer, his mind working through possible reasons as to why the bag was offered before making the connection that Cloud wanted it to join the other ones within. Dropping the potato into the bag, Sephiroth returned his attention to his lover as he added quietly. “Although I know who would look far more attractive in such a state if compared.”

Cloud: Not impressed at all that Sephiroth was actually carrying on with the near painful illogical thought process, Cloud offered his lover another glare at the comment. For one, it was never happening. Two, he was not about to get large and bulge as he wouldn't be able to even hold his sword if such a thing occurred. And three, he never ate enough to get to that state of weight. Given his gender, it wasn't happening more than usual. "I'm sure I wouldn't waddle, for one... and two, not happening. I'm a male, now stop this nonsense."

He didn't want to know what thoughts kept running through the older man's head, but he quickly tied up the bag of potatoes and dropped it into the basket he was carrying. He snorted more out of exasperation than intolerance and shook his head. "You're insufferable," he remarked without a hint of humour in his voice.

"I'm going to get lettuce, and you can stop thinking these crazy thoughts," he said and walked off towards the lettuce, wincing when the click of his sandals began to aggravate his wounds. He made it to the area he wanted without too much of a limp and picked out a head of lettuce, quickly bagging it and turning to regard his lover. "I'm done... you?"

Sephiroth: Cloud’s response to him only seemed to increase his amusement even further, even if he didn’t allow the emotion to show externally. He could tell that Cloud didn’t believe he’d be able to pull off such a feat, and that this topic was rapidly beginning to grate on his lovers nerves. If Cloud believed in deluding himself into thinking otherwise, then he would simply allow his lover to think in such a way. He would continue his challenge in silence, since it was obvious that the younger man didn’t believe anything could be made of it and in time, he would find out himself if such a thing was possible. Until then though, he would remain silent.

“And yet you continue to put up with me.” Sephiroth quietly said in reply to Cloud’s statement, his cat-like eyes slowly regarding his lover as he took note of the silent annoyance which seemed to radiate from the other.

He quietly trailed after his lover as Cloud walked off to obtain some lettuce, knowing full well that the topic of any possible pregnancy would remain within his thoughts until he had found out himself personally, if it was comprehensible or not. Until then, Sephiroth knew it would remain a strong influence as the challenge behind the idea pushed him into further exploring it. Only when Cloud turned to regard him did Sephiroth break his thoughts away from pregnancy. Nodding his head, Sephiroth offered to take the basket from his lover as he knew the younger man’s feet were beginning to bother him again. “There is nothing I am in need of.”

Cloud: "I wonder why I put up with your crazy antics sometimes too," Cloud muttered as he regarded Sephiroth again, his eyebrows knitting together in a half-hearted scowl before he allowed the expression to drop along with the topic. As long as Sephiroth didn't insist on bugging him with such a crazy idea, he would leave it alone and forget all about it, as it should be. "I suppose I can say you keep life more than a little chaotic... and there is hardly a dull moment."

He looked at the offered hand to take his basket and glanced up at Sephiroth's face, shaking his head. "I can carry it," he muttered out of pure stubborn will to not give up his possession and make it seem like he was helpless. His feet may have been aching, but he would ignore it and push aside the pain as he always did. He didn't need a few items to be carried to relieve the weight on his feet as they would probably continue to bother him anyway.

Instead, he turned and began to make his way to a cashier to pay for the goods, a slight limp the only indication that his feet were still bothering him. He would rest them when they got back to the apartment, but until then... he would be perfectly fine on his own. It didn't take long to pay for the goods and he did not make much conversation with the teller, just paying and grabbing the bag before he gestured to the door with his chin and began to make his way in that direction. "Bath when we get home," he said offhandedly.

Sephiroth: Dropping his hand back down to his side, Sephiroth felt his usual stubborn nature flare up when he sensed Cloud’s own. His gaze followed his lover, making no move to follow just yet as the younger man began making his way back through the supermarket and towards the tellers at the entrance. He could tell that Cloud’s feet would have been bothering him much more than what it appeared on the outside if his lover was reduced to showing even the slightest limp because of them.

Slowly Sephiroth moved to trail Cloud’s path, weaving his way past the other patrons of the store as he silently made to stand beside his lover as he dealt with the teller. There wasn’t much said between the pair and with barely a passing glance to the other, Sephiroth’s silence continued as he moved to follow Cloud out of the store.

“A bath sounds welcome.” He muttered quietly in response to Cloud’s offhanded statement. He considered the possible outcomes for the walk back to their apartment and the high probability for the increase of damage to Cloud’s injuries.

Moving out past Cloud, Sephiroth made to walk beside his lover, his eyes narrowed in stubborn determination as he glanced sideways and spoke. “You though Cloud, will not walk another step… not until we reach the apartment again.” He began, knowing full well that the condition of his lover’s feet would steadily grow worse with each step taken and he would never allow such a thing to take place. “Unless of course you wish to impede your recovery further.”

Cloud: Cloud nodded his head, pleased that Sephiroth was open for a bath with him, and it seemed to soothe the previous stubbornness between them. He thought that he was free and clear as they exited to supermarket, and he was about to hold out his hand to take Sephiroth's for the walk home when he found his lover standing in front of him instead. He quirked an eyebrow at the older man's words, dismissing them quickly. "My feet are just fine, Sephiroth. There's just a little pain from walking around, but I am perfectly capable of walking five blocks."

He moved to walk around Sephiroth, not about to be carried - and humiliated - in public. He might consider it when they were further away from the supermarket, but as of now, he would remain stubborn and resolved to stay on his feet. He took a few steps passed Sephiroth and finally offered up his hand to take for the walk home, putting more effort into masking the pain that his feet put up to hopefully dissuade Sephiroth from trying anything.

Logically, he knew that it would be better to be off his feet and it would probably be faster if Sephiroth walked or even flew. He had never flown thanks to Sephiroth more than it took to block a sword slash, and he wasn't sure if he was ready yet. "Come on, it's a nice walk back," he encouraged.