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30 April 2006 @ 04:50 pm
Trust - Sephiroth/Cloud - Part I  
((Summary: Cloud and Sephiroth wake up in bed together the day after their second fight and they have a talk while they remain beneath the sheets. After changing, the worlds most powerful men venturing out into the world to deal with one of mankind’s most deadliest of places in order to complete their mission… Time is of the essence and there are forces working against the would-be heroes as their enemies attempt to confuse and overpower the pair.

WARNING: Foreplay and prelude to sex scenes in Part III))

Cloud: Cloud awoke to the morning sun streaming through the crack in the drapes, squinting his eyes as he tried to focus them when he finally managed to get them open. He didn't even bother to lift his head from where it was nestled up against Sephiroth's side, his eyes simply flicking around to what he could make out without having to shift around. He could tell by the breathing of the man next to him that Sephiroth was still asleep, and he didn't want to disturb the moment just yet as he allowed himself to awaken fully.

After yet another all-nighter of passion, he was pleased to know that he wasn't quite as sore as he had been their first time. His neck had several bruising welts from Sephiroth's teeth, but he remained rather untouched save for the few odd bruises here and there. He curled his toes up, feeling the bandages around his feet that they had wrapped together in a quiet moment when neither wished to move for a restore materia because it meant leaving one another's presence for a little while. The bandages were good enough, and his feet didn't ache quite as much as they did the day before.

Finally, he lifted a hand and curled it around Sephiroth's stomach, his fingers playing over the muscles as he lifted his head and pushed himself up to lying on his elbow. They had remembered to open a window so it was fresh and cool in the bedroom where they lay. He reached down and pulled the blanket up more before he gazed down into the older man's sleeping face, a rare sight indeed. It was nice to see his lover's face without all the walls locked in place, and he leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Sephiroth's lips before settling himself back down, laying his head against the older man's shoulder as he snuggled his body up against Sephiroth's.

Sephiroth: It had been a long time since he had slept as heavily as it appeared he did, so many years prior to the night before spent with little to no sleep on his part. That was why he was currently finding it difficult to arise from his slumber, something in which had to of been a first for him. The body next to him felt warm and soothing, the only reasons as to why he had found such a peaceful sleep the night earlier, knowing that without the others presence he would not have slept.

His mind allowed him to slowly penetrate the feeling of touch against his stomach as he felt fingers curl up against the muscles there. The calming touch of fingers danced over the stretch of skin almost absently, it seemed to Sephiroth, before the movement ceased and there was a slight shift from the one beside him. Even with this knowledge of movement, Sephiroth was finding it difficult to wake himself up, far too content to remain dozing a short while longer until his body told him it was time to awaken.

The breeze had a slight bite upon it, the fragile contact cool to the touch as it brushed over his skin shortly before the sensation was gone as the rug was pulled up between them. Mind still foggy with sleep, Sephiroth didn’t even realise the others presence closing in upon him until he felt lips pressed up against his own not long before the touch was gone and his lover settled down beside him once again.

Sephiroth’s gaze still remained closed even as his body shifted, the muscles along his frame stretching slightly before he rolled over blindly to face Cloud, slipping one arm around his waist as his cheek came to rest upon the top of his lovers head. He remained silent as he held the embrace, not wishing to disturb the harmony of it just yet and he shifted his body into a more comfortable position and pulled Cloud’s body closer to his own.

Cloud: Looking around the room, Cloud felt Sephiroth begin to awaken beside him and felt bad for it was certain it was him moving about which had caused the older man to arise from slumber. He hoped that Sephiroth would settle back into sleep again, since he knew it was rare for Sephiroth to sleep at all. He supposed the long night of activities had drained the older man's energy, which in itself was a slightly amusing thought even as Sephiroth rolled over next to him.

He allowed the older man to arrange them in the room before he pulled the blanket up and over their heads, blocking out the light and the cool morning air again. It was yet another way to hopefully get Sephiroth to continue to rest with him, snuggling his face against the warm of his lover's neck, feeling the gentle steady pulse beating there against his cheek. He sighed and slipped his arm around Sephiroth again, turning his face up after that moment to nuzzle his nose against Sephiroth's chin gently, placing a gentle kiss soon after.

After a moment of watching Sephiroth's face still relaxed in sleep, he felt his lips twitch up in a shy little smile, allowing his fingers to rise and caress up against the older man's cheek. His head tilted to the side as he simply allowed his eyes to play over the older man's features, and he never really accepted until this point how close he and Sephiroth had gotten. There was a built up trust that had to be there since Sephiroth was still sleeping next to him, an odd tenderness between them that he hadn't fully seen until this moment.

And watching Sephiroth quietly under the blanket with him while they lay naked, he came to know all the pieces that fit together. He knew it would never be admitted, but he knew with everything that had happened... the fragile blossomed relationship had settled into Sephiroth being in love with him. He sensed it in words and action, but he doubted Sephiroth would ever admit it. Still... it made him feel warm in a way that he hadn't felt in years.

Sephiroth: What little sunlight which filtered through the lids of his eyes disappeared when the noise of the blanket shuffling around made itself known shortly before the light and cool breeze were blocked by its barrier. With the only annoyances rising him from sleep now gone, Sephiroth made no move to wake himself up anymore than he already did even when he felt the welcomed pressure of Cloud’s face snuggling up against his neck. He was finding himself at peace, he easily noted, enjoying nothing more than the quiet atmosphere when he felt an arm slip around his body before his chin was gently nuzzled and kissed.

Sephiroth leant his face into the gentle caress to his cheek, his body automatically seeking out the known contact as he unconsciously purred quietly at the touch. Slowly one single eye managed to open, blinking sleepily for a moment before the other soon followed. His sleep ridden gaze slowly sought out Cloud’s own, but any spoken response which thought about falling from his lips died well before even making it that far as he caught sight of his lover.

He had never before seen any form of smile grace the lips of his lover, their muscles usually relaxed into a neutral expression even during the times they spent exploring each others bodies during intimacy.

In response to the gesture, his own facial features remained soft, not taking on their usual guarded expressions even after he’d woken up from sleep. Leaning forward, Sephiroth sleepily pressed his lips to Cloud’s forehead, then down again to kiss the tip of Cloud’s nose before moving down further again until he could press his lips to his lover’s. His eyes seemed to no longer want to remain open after that and Sephiroth allowed them to close as he drew Cloud’s body up against his own, cradling his lovers head to his neck as he pressed a blind kiss to Cloud’s ear. “…Mine…” Sephiroth muttered quietly, somehow managing to retain a slight possessive touch to his voice even when it was heavy with sleep. “…Love you Cloud” He mumble sleepily not even realising the words he was speaking as he curled his body up against his lover, ready to fall asleep again even if he knew he would not.

Cloud: When he saw Sephiroth's eyes open, Cloud attempted to tailor his features back to his normal neutral expression, but he could tell right away that Sephiroth caught the little smile on his lips before it disappeared. He hadn't really smiled for a long time, not on his own power. The smile did fade down again, but he made an instant note that Sephiroth was not guarded yet, the walls having failed to go up to separate them from each other. He leaned into the sleepy kisses that were placed on his skin, lifting a hand to stroke fingers through the older man's silver hair, and in response, he allowed himself to be less guarded than usual, even the normal harsh lines smoothed down on his face.

He nestled up into Sephiroth's hold, allowing the tender moment between them to continue because he knew that it wouldn't last long once they were out and about in the world. He snorted softly at the single word of possession falling from Sephiroth's lips, having heard that many times over the course of the night. He didn't mind though, thinking that it was good for Sephiroth to allow that portion of personality out into the open without any harsh effects to force it away.

The next words though shocked him, slipping so casually from the older man's mouth that he knew it was an unguarded response, that Sephiroth probably didn't even realize that it was out in the open. He tilted his head and snuggled it against Sephiroth's, slipping his legs between the older man's and pressing his body up against Sephiroth's, sliding a hand up the older man's back and looking back into his lover's face. "Do you...?"

He leaned forward and kissed Sephiroth's lips tenderly, keeping their faces close together. He dared not fully question the expression more than he already had, not wishing the possibility of ruining the moment. Instead, he stroked his fingers through Sephiroth's silver hair, smoothing the locks down and sighing contently. He didn't want to get up, and he felt safe with Sephiroth hidden under a blanket.

Sephiroth: A sleepy smile spread across Sephiroth’s lips at the soft snort from Cloud, both amused and contented with the current situation as his lover snuggled up into his hold. His mind was trying to tell him that he was being too unguarded, that he was baring himself far too much and exposing too many vulnerabilities to another but Sephiroth didn’t listen to that part of himself, simply ignored it finding himself far too relaxed to care at the moment.

Sephiroth made no move to stop any of Cloud’s attempts to move further into his hold, happily opening his legs wide enough to allow his lovers to slip in between his own. There was a sleepy pleased noise which sounded from the back of his throat, content with the feel of Cloud’s body up against his own and the comforting presence of the hand sliding up along the muscles of his back. Nuzzling his own face against his lovers, one single eye slowly opened to sleepily regard Cloud at the question before slipping closed again. There was a short silence which stretched between them before he exhaled a long relaxed breath through his nose and leant forward, placing a trail of languid kisses along the length of his lovers jaw as he grunted his affirmative.

When Cloud’s lips came into contact with his own, Sephiroth returned the gesture as he kissed his lover slowly, enjoying the touch between them before the younger man pulled away. Their faces remained close even after their kiss had ended and Sephiroth placed another one softy upon the tip of Cloud’s nose. Tightening his hold around his lover for a moment, Sephiroth relaxed his hold as he buried his face up against Cloud’s neck, his warm breath playing gently over his lover’s skin as he felt the soothing touch of fingers through his hair, shortly before the contented sigh was heard.

“…Always…” He mumbled up against his lover neck, his lips brushing over the skin beneath as he spoke that single word.

Cloud: Hearing the grunt from Sephiroth, Cloud closed his eyes at the confirmation to his question. He already knew it was true, but he considered it a very large step for them if Sephiroth was openly admitting it to him, even if the older man was out of it. Perhaps their fights the last two encounters had brought them much closer together, and he was certain that his lack of rejection of an integral portion of Sephiroth's personality had helped considerably. This was... working. Even in their moments of frustration and anger, they had managed to work it out sooner than he thought that they would, and their relationship was working.

Lifting his arms, he wrapped them around Sephiroth's head and cradled his lover closer to him, laying his chin over Sephiroth's head almost protectively. This was what he was protecting, these quiet moments together where the unseen part of Sephiroth was revealed, the man behind the madness. They were a long way from being perfect either of them, but he was pleased that their companionship had not yet stopped dead in the water. It was probably because they were both too stubborn to just let it end without having the last word in edgewise. Well... Sephiroth was worse about that than he was.

His fingers stroked the back of Sephiroth's neck gently even as he cradled the older man against him. "We're going to be alright," he whispered softly, nestling his face into the older man's hair. "I trust you," he murmured into the silver locks, his arms tightening around Sephiroth's head.

Sephiroth: Slowly his eyes opened as his face remained nuzzled up tightly against Cloud’s neck, the softly glowing green iris’ were no longer sleep ridden as he silently remained holding his lover. His mind had slowly caught up with him over the past few minutes, telling him of exactly what he just admitted to his lover.


He had told Cloud of how he felt within, those feelings in which he had never allowed himself to connect a name with but during a weak moment he had uttered what he wouldn’t usually utter to anyone no matter what feelings he held for them. He made no move to remove himself from his position snuggled up into Cloud’s body, unsure if he’d be able to face the reaction from his lover from stating such a thing.

There was a breath of air which exhaled from his lungs, a breath he didn’t even know he was holding until the moment he felt Cloud’s arms move around him as he felt his lovers chin against his head. Showing the first sign of weakness to his lover, Sephiroth tightened his embrace as his body shuddered, his hold almost clinging to the younger man as he for the first time, truly felt protected in his life.

He made no sound even when he felt the gentle stroking to the back of his neck, for the first time the touch going unresponsive as Sephiroth allowed himself to accept the strength of another, showing his dependence on Cloud entirely as they both continued to lie beneath the blanket.

“I can not live without you Cloud.” Sephiroth quietly whispered as if he spoke any louder, that what was happening between them now would not be real and he’d find himself alone again.

Cloud: Shifting himself more into Sephiroth's hold when it was apparent that the older man was actually clinging to him, Cloud tightened his hold on Sephiroth in return. He warranted that this moment was the time that he had ever known Sephiroth to need someone else, to show a sign of weakness willingly and to him no less. He wanted to protect the older man, as he had pledged the day before openly, and he would protect Sephiroth with all that he had... but he wouldn't die. He couldn't abandon his lover to the world, and he knew Sephiroth wouldn't last long before coming after him. For now... he would be the protector.

The admittance drew a sigh from him, and he kissed the top of Sephiroth's head gently. Slowly, his hands shifted down and began to stroke the older man's back soothingly, still keeping a firm and protective hold even as his hands shifted along the smooth skin of his lover's back. "Shhhh, I'm right here with you... and I don't plan on going anywhere without you," he whispered back, also fearing that anything above a whisper would break this tender moment between them. "I'll be here whenever you need me and even when you don't need me."

He cuddled the older man close as he rolled onto his back, pulling his lover with him so he could continue to cradle Sephiroth to his chest. His hands rose again to stroke the older man's head gently. "You are special to me."

Sephiroth: When the embrace around him tightened, Sephiroth had to fight the need to curl himself in further to the contact. He had never felt this weak before, not even during the time he had found out about Mother had he shown such weakness so strongly to another. If he were to be honest with himself, he wasn’t sure exactly what to make of his weakness, thoughts of Natas ran through his mind but he quickly squashed those thoughts before they could take hold and buried his face again against Cloud’s neck.

After the sigh and the pressure to the top of his head, in which he assumed was a kiss or something similar, Sephiroth’s body seemed to shudder slightly at the soothing touch. The gesture unknown to him, Sephiroth’s body seized up for a moment as all the muscles tensed before relaxing at the gentle feel of the stroking hands. He wanted nothing more than to remain within the protective hold that he was receiving but knew that it was inevitable that eventually he’d have to leave it and with it leave the weakness behind along with it. For now though, he would allow this rare occurrence to continue, keep all of the walls down and simply rely on the strength of another before he’d take back his own strength once more.

At Cloud’s whispered words, Sephiroth allowed himself to continue to cling to his lover and remained silent for a long time even after Cloud had fallen silent. “…Thank you…” Sephiroth near-silently responded both despising and cherishing the dependence he’d managed to obsessively cling to when it came to his lover. He knew he would be lost with the younger man, and he constantly feared what would happen if he ever did truly lose the one he loved.

When Cloud’s body shifted, Sephiroth at first was reluctant to allow the other to move, tightening his hold around his lover for the briefest of moments before releasing his hold and allowing Cloud to do as he pleased. He had to admit he was pleased when he found the embrace continuing, the younger man moving to lie on his back as Cloud pulled him up and cradled him against his lovers chest. His head leant up into the touch to his hair as he listened quietly to the words spoken.

Relaxing his body against Cloud’s own, Sephiroth pressed his lips to muscled chest, kissing the smooth plain skin.

Cloud: With Sephiroth comfortable settled against his chest, Cloud flexed his shoulders and relaxed into the mattress as he held the older man. He had almost thought that Sephiroth would resist and not want to move with him, but he allowed a pleased noise to leave his lips in response to the fact that Sephiroth lay next to him and was still being cradled. He was so completely stuck with Sephiroth, and he couldn't muster any ill feeling towards that. It pleased him.

He stroked his fingers through the older man's hair and curled one arm around Sephiroth's back, stroking his fingers up and down the older man's spine with little caresses that were meant to soothe. He nested his nose back into his lover's hair and continued to hold Sephiroth to him. This would be the first time that Sephiroth had shown a need to rely on him, but he would be sure that it wasn't the last one either. They could only grow from here he determined.

"Have you ever been to the supermarket before," he asked quietly. What better way to show his trust and want to be with Sephiroth than take the older man to a place that was filled with innocent people as well as allowing those said people to see him in public with his lover. It was a simple gesture, something small to begin with that would allow them to continue to do something together while exposing themselves to others slowly. "We need some food, but I want you to come with me. Would you be willing to go?"

Sephiroth: He was glad for the stretch of silence which had seemed to blanketed around them both, it allowed him time to compose himself even if he made no move to remove himself from Cloud’s embrace. The barest hint of a smile turned at the corner of his lips as his head remained pressed against the flat of his lover’s chest, finding himself actually content for once as he heard the pleased noise falling from Cloud’s lips.

There was a slight purr which reverberated within the back of his throat as Cloud’s fingers travelled through the length of his hair as another arm moved to wrap around his back. The touch along his spine, calming his fears far better than any mere words could, was welcomed and he slowly moved his head up enough until the could silently glance up at Cloud. He said nothing and simply lay there quietly watching his lover, the mako within his eyes emitting a calming glow within them as his gaze mesmerized every curve he could sight of his lovers face.

When the silence was finally broken, he remained thoughtful to Cloud’s question, a little surprised by the topic choice and answered, confusion lightly colouring his voice. “No… I’ve never had the need too.” His gaze was searching, watching Cloud’s every movement as slowly his mind worked over the true question asked. It was the first time that his lover was actively wanting to spend time with him, outside within a populated area. Out with other humans, such contact he had not allowed himself to have, even back while he’d be the General the contact with the general population was kept to a bare minimum. He didn’t miss the significance behind such a gesture though, to deny such a request would be a step back in what they were working to achieve. Sephiroth was more than well aware of that fact. He was also aware that Cloud could not survive the same way he could within such solitude and it was for those reasons, which coincided with his desire to remain by Cloud’s side that Sephiroth found himself nodding his agreement shortly before he verbally agreed. “I am willing yes.”

Cloud: Cloud knew that Sephiroth had been held a limited contain from people, which made him all the more pleased when Sephiroth actually agreed to go shopping with him. It was just that he needed food to fill his stomach and other supplies, it was that they would be going together into the normal world, into society where people could watch him and Sephiroth together.

He nodded his head and kissed the older man's forehead gently before flipping their positions, leaning down and nuzzling his lover's face with his nose. He didn't break the quiet moment with too much energy, not feeling that much coming to him at the moment anyway. He smoothed down the older man's hair with a hand and allowed his gaze to study his lover's features before he pointed a finger into Sephiroth's face. "No leather," he said."

He rolled off of Sephiroth and slid from the bed and blankets, standing in the nude as he looked around the room. He padded over to the closet and pulled it open, investigating what was inside before he looked over his shoulder at Sephiroth. "Supermarket means normal clothing, nothing that will give you away as the ex-General," he said, his tone unquestioning. He pulled out a pair of jeans from the closet that were his own from home and left behind, and he slipped into them, finding them a little tighter than he last remembered. They conformed to his lower body seductively, shifting with his muscles perfectly. "Come and get something to wear... I bought you some stuff... black of course."

Sephiroth: Sephiroth blinked slightly in surprise when his forehead was kissed, the gesture being gentle before he found himself being flipped over, shaken from his comfortable position until he was the one lying on his back. His slight disappointment at having the previous position taken away from him was short-lived how ever when his face was nuzzled by his lover’s nose. The contact was appreciated and Sephiroth found himself enjoying the younger man’s ministrations stealing a quick kiss from his lover before Cloud pulled away.

His gaze remained firmly locked with Cloud’s own, watching his lover as he was being watched before Sephiroth found himself blinking in surprise. With a finger pressed up into the skin of his face, Sephiroth wasn’t sure he heard correctly when Cloud had just told him that leather was off of the menu for clothing for this little endeavour.

No leather? He could barely remember a time when he hadn’t warn his leather outfit and he had to admit, he felt rather comforted with the stable garment.

He was about to refuse such a demand but Cloud had rolled off from being on top of him and left the bed entirely. Sephiroth would never be one to admit verbally that the sight of Cloud naked did in fact distract him from complaining about these so called terms and found himself slowly trailing his appreciative gaze up until he found Cloud’s gaze looking back over the shoulder at him. He could see the younger mans reasoning, they could hardly walk around as common humans if the said common humans fled from his appearance alone and though the clothing will allow him to blend in, he doubted that there were many other humans out there with hair the same length as his own, let alone the same colour.

“Fine… no leather” Sephiroth agreed on eventually as he moved to take a seated position upon the mattress as he watched Cloud pull out a pair of jeans. He felt a single brow rise up as he watched the blue material contouring itself to the curves of Cloud’s thighs and backside, giving Sephiroth’s mind a few images of what he’d like to do with Cloud dressed in such a way.

Nodding his head, Sephiroth slipped off the couch moving to stretch his muscles as a few of his joint popped and moved back into place along his frame. The air was still a little bit chilly to the skin, but Sephiroth knew the problem would soon be solved once he’d donned some clothing.

Moving up to stand beside his lover, Sephiroth peered into the closet, rifling through all the clothes within until he came to the black garments which was for him more than likely. Pulling out the black jeans he moved to slip them over his legs finding them tight around the calve muscles and lower thighs but allowed room for movement around the upper parts of the jeans. They were not nearly as comfortable as his leather pants but they would have to do.

Reaching out for the black top, Sephiroth was glad to see that the garment had long sleeves. Pulling the material over his head, the top fit rather snugly, clinging to his well muscled frame as he reached up and pulled his long silver hair free from its entrapment from beneath the material.

It felt odd being within normal human clothing and he wasn’t entirely sure of how fond he was of them. There was no other choice though, Sephiroth knew as he turned his attentions to his lover and waited patiently for Cloud to finish.

Cloud: Cloud watched at Sephiroth come over to the closet, stepping aside so that the older man could grab some clothing to wear. He hoped that he had found Sephiroth's right size, and he was pleased when the jeans that Sephiroth slipped on did indeed fit. He nodded his head and rustled around for a sweater, grabbing a black sleeveless one with a turtle-neck to cover over the marks on his neck from sight. He doubted anyone wanted to see that for anything more than gawking, and he was really just going to some groceries, not to get stared at.

Tugging the sweater into place, he zipped up his jeans and turned to regard Sephiroth, running his hands down the front of the older man's shirt and nodding his head. "You look good wearing that, " he murmured before turning and padding his way towards the front door of the apartment, slipping his feet into a pair of sandals that would not cause his feet to ache when he walked. Anything heavier would aggravate his wounds and besides... it was fairly nice outside. He then moved to grab his sunglasses and slipped them on over his eyes, waiting for Sephiroth to meet him at the door.

He pulled it open and leaned on it, stretching out his legs as he awaited his lover, feeling good about this adventure. It would be a first time thing for them. "It shouldn't take long and there is a store nearby."

Sephiroth: He gaze dropped down, watching every movement as his lover ran his hands along the length of his shirt. Sephiroth held his doubts, far use to his old leather outfit than the clothing he was currently wearing but found himself nodding his head, muttering a quiet “Thank you” His attentions followed Cloud until his lover left the room, in search of footwear he presumed. There was only one choice for him to wear, making it a rather easy decision to make as he sought out his boots.

They were left within the living room, him having taken them off the day beforehand before he made himself comfortable on the couch.

Walking out into the living room, Sephiroth say himself down upon the couch, rolling up the jean legs as far as possible, he grabbed on boot after the other putting them on before rolling the jean material back down over the boots.

Standing himself back up, Sephiroth toed the ends of his boots to make sure they were on correctly before waling over to stand besides Cloud as his lover leant up against the door frame, waiting for him. “Lead the way and I shall follow”

Cloud: Leaning on the door, Cloud watched Sephiroth put on footwear and leaned up to kiss his lover's chin when Sephiroth came over to him. He left his post at the door and slipped from the apartment, walking down the hallway to the top of the stairs. He realized then that he had no weapon or materia, having not brought any with him after he had left his house, but he had Sephiroth with him who could fly if needs be. He doubted anyone would mess with them anyway.

He waited a few moments for Sephiroth to catch up before he went down the stairs until he walked out into the rubble of the surrounding area, picking his way carefully to the proper road and stopping. He waited for Sephiroth again and looked about the deserted streets before lifting a hand in his lover's direction, offering it so that they could hold hands for the walk... at least until they reached a public area. Two men holding hands was frowned upon, and he didn't want to draw too much attention to them.

"Supermarket is four blocks away... quite small, but it has everything that we will need," he murmured and waited for Sephiroth to start walking before following himself, his sandals clicking against the pavement.

Sephiroth: The kiss to his chin was a pleasant surprise, Sephiroth found, when he had reached Cloud’s side. When his lover moved off down along the hallway, he was only a few steps behind, his mind light lost in thought over what had happened only moments ago. He took notice of each time Cloud stopped and waited for him to catch up, his pace dropping in speed each time his thoughts took him back to the bedroom.

The rubble beneath his boots sounded loud to him as Sephiroth still felt a small amount of uncertainty over his actions and show of weakness, still unsure of what exactly had transpired. He had said things which had been felt within, spoken of the hidden fear of returning to solitude and had felt nothing but protected by Cloud’s gestures.

Sephiroth paused in his movements when Cloud stopped and turned around, offering him his hand. He stood there in silence for a few seconds, his mind feverously working through the possible meaning behind such a gesture until it finally dawned on him that Cloud wished for them to hold hands.

The slight insecurities he felt within seemed to fade away back into nothing at the gesture and not long after the offer was given, Sephiroth closed the gap between them and slipped his hand into Cloud’s own. Leaning down, Sephiroth pressed lips to his lovers briefly before the both set off again. “Four blocks isn’t far of a walk.”

Cloud: Cloud leaned up into the kiss when it was given to him, tangling his fingers between Sephiroth's as they walked forward. He could feel the older man's calluses against the palms of his hands, and he gave Sephiroth's hand a gentle squeeze of reassurance as they walked, taking his time if only to make sure that his feet could handle the journey in little footwear. He would hate to lame himself because he pushed his feet too far when it came to simply getting something simple like dairy products.

He shook his head and pushed his sunglasses further up his nose to block out the sun's rays. "No, and most people don't know about it. It set up after Midgar fell as the first store that people encounter when going to Edge from Junon. It's a nice place," he replied softly. "I only have to get a few things that went bad in the fridge, but it was a nice day... and I wanted you to come with me."

He glanced around before leaning his head against Sephiroth's arm as they walked. It was a simple gesture of affection, but he hoped to soothe the older man. How long had it been since Sephiroth has associated with normal society? "When we get back, I'm going to have a shower."

Sephiroth: He hated to admit about feeling apprehensive over this little adventure, Sephiroth thought as they walked hand in hand down along the street. His apprehension did fade somewhat though when he felt Cloud’s fingers entwine with his own shortly before his hand was squeezed in reassurance. As long as Cloud remained by his side, he would be able to do it.

“Rather convenient for us then” Sephiroth thoughtfully mused. When the knowledge was given to him about the apparent lack of popularity set his mind at ease even further. “...it is a pleasure to keep you company Cloud”

His gaze dropped back down until Cloud came into his vision as he felt the added pressure to his arm and in response, Sephiroth lightly squeezed his lovers hand as his thumb ran back and forth over the back of Cloud’s hand. “Perhaps a bath might be easier for your feet.” He quietly observed as he made sure not to move around too much, not wanting to jar his lover from the comfy position too much.

Cloud: Cloud nodded his head and enjoyed the light breeze that blew through the empty streets. It was the first time that he and Sephiroth had been out and about on something so simple as a walk. The closest thing would have been the adventure up north to monster hunt, which admittedly had turned into a mud puddle fight. They acted like such children in their rivalry sometimes, though it amused him now where it frustrated him at the time that it had happened. Sephiroth was such a stubborn ass under the worst circumstances.

He shifted his head up and regarded Sephiroth with nodded a little. "The pleasure is all mine," he replied softly and went back to looking around the streets around them. He had forgotten just how abandoned this portion of Midgar was, the gas station and the supermarket the only thing that was this far out. "I'll only have a bath if you join me in it," he said offhandedly. He had intended to have a bath the day before but that had been interrupted with Sephiroth's possessive nature.

He turned a corner, tugging Sephiroth in the right direction before settling his cheek back against the older man's shoulder. "Remember when you were being an ass and dumped me in the mud puddle?"

Sephiroth: Sephiroth glanced down towards Cloud when he noticed the attention given to him, watching his lover silently as he listened to what the younger man said. He didn’t know why but the words seemed to calm him, which was odd Sephiroth thought, considering the fact that he was calm already to begin with. It was the first time that another had actually wanted his company without any hidden agenda’s behind their motives, to simply require it to be with him rather than out of necessity for the abilities he contained. The though pleased him and Sephiroth found his attentions remaining on Cloud for a while longer, even when the others gaze returned to the scenery around them.

At the mention of the bath, a small playful smile tugged at the corner of his lips as he turned his attentions away from his lover and to the empty streets around them. “I do not believe there’s much of a choice in the matter… I would have joined you regardless.”

Following the tug of his hand, Sephiroth leant down and pressed a kiss to the top of his lovers head “If I remember correctly, a certain someone else was just as stubborn as I was… Although…” Releasing the hold he had on Cloud’s hand, Sephiroth slipped his arm around his lover’s waist, drawing the younger man up closer to his body as he playfully pondered. “I know deep within how much you enjoyed that little encounter.”

Cloud: Cloud nodded his head to Sephiroth's words, pleased with this fact as he hardly wanted to bathe his feet alone. He enjoyed having some company as of late, even if things with Kadaj had seemed to have run off out of his control. The least he could do was give the younger man some time to think as Kadaj wanted, and he would spend needed time with Sephiroth as they were doing now. The bright sunshine made the day seem better as he leaned against the older man.

He had to pause in his step when an arm slipped around his waist, leaning more heavily on Sephiroth’s frame. He offered a half-hearted glare up at the older man, having already convinced himself that there had been no fun had when being tossed in a mud puddle and forced to defend himself there. It was one of the few times such a thing had ever happened, but he somehow now trusted Sephiroth to do bizarre things to keep his attention. The only thing he took enjoyment out of was that it would have been a lot harder to get mud off of leather than just tossing it in a washing machine. "You're pushing it... I hardly enjoyed it."

He continued to walk, slipping from Sephiroth's hold entirely and taking a few quick steps ahead before he turned and started to walk backwards, regarding the older man still. "When we get to the supermarket, can I trust that you will deny any accusations of people towards you? I don't think many people will given most are from out of town... but still, I would like to take precautions to keep you safe." He knew the supermarket was only a block away and with it, more people were out and about the area.

Sephiroth: Sephiroth returned his lovers half-hearted glare with a knowing smile, the mako within his eyes glowing almost playfully as he kept his attentions upon Cloud. “Yes but of course Cloud.” He agreed, although his playful tone suggested anything but.

As his lover slipped out from his hold, Sephiroth made no move to pull the younger man back. Instead he watched in curiosity as Cloud walked a few paces before him and turned around, his pace remaining as the younger man walked backwards. His own pace slowed a little at Cloud’s words, what the other suggesting never once crossing his mind despite the fact of knowing he’d be within the presence of the human community. He highly doubted that he’d even give those parasites the time of day, let alone the honour of him actually speaking with them. Besides they were far too afraid to approach him directly before madness had taken over his mind, he doubted much had changed since then.

Sephiroth’s pace picked up again, increasing his strides to bring him in closer to Cloud. Nodding his head in acceptance, he leant forward pressing his lips to his lovers before pulling away and slipping his hand yet again into Cloud’s own. “You have nothing to worry over, I will do as you ask.”

Cloud: Cloud half-feared for a moment that Sephiroth's dislike for normal people would rise up and possibly make this trip a bad one. He really thought that it would be good for Sephiroth to get out and about, but he knew that people could react badly and possibly accuse Sephiroth of things. He doubted it, but there was an off chance and he wanted the older man to be prepared for anything.

When Sephiroth caught up to his slower pace, he was pleased with both the kiss and his lover's words, once again tangling his fingers between Sephiroth's and returning to walking normally beside the older man. He tugged Sephiroth along, his sandal’s clicking with each step as the supermarket came into view. He leaned his head against Sephiroth's shoulder again and nodded his head towards the supermarket were a few people were wandering around. "I just need a few things, so it shouldn't take too long."

Upon them reaching the supermarket, he dropped Sephiroth's hand so that he could grab a basket to carry the items he would pick up in question. Glancing back at Sephiroth, he gestured with his chin and walked off towards the dairy aisles to get some cheese, milk and possibly yogurt.