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04 May 2006 @ 12:11 am
Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo  

Kadaj: They had arrived at the beach late the previous evening. He’d not had any particular destination in mind, instead opting to just take the motorcycles and go. The travelling hadn’t been too bad, luckily, and they’d eventually made it to a small cove, devoid of any other people. The water was clear, the pale ocean sand clearly visible beneath the surface, and it remained relatively calm with only a few small waves lapping at the shore. It hadn’t taken long to find some stones to make into a fireplace, and some dried driftwood to set alight, and he’d made sure the fire kept smouldering and didn’t die out.

Now, as the afternoon wore on, he settled himself down in one of the sleeping bags with his book open across his knees, reading through the pages intently, completely unaware of what his brothers might be doing. He just let himself be absorbed into the book, the sound of the waves behind him a nice backdrop, almost soothing, and tried to let his mind remain clear except for the unfolding story in his novel.

Yazoo: The sight of an ocean that went as far as the horizon and probably went farther... The feeling of sun-warmed sand under his feet...The somewhat salty yet still pleasant scent in the air... It was nothing like he had ever seen before. He wondered if they had ever been to the beach back then, but there was no sense of familiarity to it. No sense of having seen anything quite like this. It couldn't have been anything but new.

This was probably the only time he'd willing dress in shorts, just so he could wade in and feel the cool water move past his legs as it moved toward shore. He still wore a long-sleeved shirt, thought white and made of thin material so he wouldn't overheat in the sun. Course it would probably keep him cool if he decided to dive in later and get it soaked but he would wait for that. Right now he just wanted to feel everything this new place had to offer.

Loz: Whilst Kadaj's command that they go had initially worried Loz at first, the quiet, serene cove they were now at compared to the bustle of getting things packed and the bike ride made it all worth it. Loz hadn't known what to think of it at first. To be in such an area where they could be alone, the air around them refreshing and clear of the sound of traffic and daily mayhem that otherwise surrounded the apartment where they dwelled. Loz was happy, his grin having not left his face since they arrived. The warm sand under his toes felt as good as it did strange, and the water that was slightly cold felt nice and whilst the clearness had been unusual it had stopped him from eventually diving in and splashing around that early afternoon. He'd since then pulled himself from the water, his hair and body covered with a fine line of sand as he sat close to the shore in just a pair of shorts, toes dug deep into the wet sand as he piled together the wet sand besides him and patted it into various shapes, building up the mounds into bigger shapes as he did so. When he was finished, he stood up, toes wiggling before he turned to see where his brother's were.

Kadaj: He turned another page in his book, the light wind rustling the pages and causing his hair to sway in front of his eyes, but that he could easily ignore as he continued to read. It had been almost non-stop since he’d woken up late that morning, though he did take a half hour to have something to eat earlier in the afternoon. Pausing for a moment, he looked around to check where his brothers were, and when satisfied that they were close by and seemingly enjoying themselves, he turned back to his book again.

Eventually, he turned himself around so he could lay on his belly and rested his chin on the back of his wrist, holding the book open with his other hand. The sand beneath his sleeping bag made a comfortable bed, and he was happy enough to stay where he was. He’d not spoken much once they’d arrived, but it still pleased him to see his brothers happy. The sun shining down on his dark shirt warmed him, and eventually he’d put on some of the sunscreen that Loz had brought along, having found so much direct sunlight against his skin uncomfortable. Hopefully, he’d managed to stave off any burning.

Yazoo: Yazoo stood in the water for a bit longer, closing his eyes when a small breeze flew though his hair and past him. Softly humming a relaxing song he heard...didn't matter where he heard it, only mattered that he was humming as he started to wade a bit deeper. When the water started to lap at the bottom of his shorts, he stopped and opened his eyes again.

Turning to face shore again, he raised a hand over his eyes to shield them as he started to scan for his brothers. Kadaj was still reading his book at the camp site and Loz was doing...something with the sand. Curious, he wadded toward his older brother. Once the water was shallow enough, he went into a jog until he was standing in front of the sand structure. He crouched down for a closer look and tilted his head as he tried to figure out what it was exactly. Unable to find out what, he looked up at Loz for a moment. Then he asked, "What is it?"

Loz: Rubbing at his nose, Loz was keenly aware that he was in need of more sun lotion. At the time he hadn't noticed the slight burning and whilst he had put lotion on previously, he hadn't made sure to buy waterproof lotion and now he was sure his nose and cheeks were a little red and to the touch they felt a little hot and he pouted slightly. He'd enjoyed swimming in the water but he had been a little lonely. The fact that Kadaj hadn't pulled his nose out of the book he'd been reading, hadn't made him that happy. Whilst he was pleased Kadaj enjoyed the book he'd felt a little disappointed that he hadn't joined in with him and he had to wonder if there was something else going on considering the fact that Kadaj had seemed a little...off to him but he hadn't wanted to ask. He'd been ready to head back to their main camp area when Yazoo joined him and he let his attention shift to him and shrugged a little. "Ummm... it's... A building. I need to get stones and shells for windows and... stuff." He was going to make a little moat also but he'd wanted to add the decoration first. Scratching at an itch, he brushed away some of the sand from his shoulder. "Do you want to help?"

Kadaj: He uncovered forearms were starting to feel a bit warm and, setting the book aside after carefully marking his place, he looked at them, noticing a slight tinge of redness to his skin. Pushing himself up, he reached over to a nearby bag and dug around inside it for the bottle of sunscream and poured some out onto his palm. Rubbing his hands together, he smeared it around, then starting rubbing it into the skin of his arms, soon followed with adding a bit more to his nose and cheeks, too. He wasn’t exactly sure what ‘sunburn’ was, but it didn’t seem pleasant if the warmth of his skin was any indication.

Once finished with that, he picked up a stick and poked at the embers in the small firepit, watching as a small rush of softly glowing ashes spin up into the air and were carried off by the breeze. When he was happy that he didn’t need to relight the fire, he put the stick down again and dug once more into the bag, pulling out a large bottle of water. Supplies were the basics- water, some ‘junk food,’ bread and so on. A fishing pole, too, though he hadn’t yet attention to figure out how to catch anything with it. He’d seen some hard-shelled animals wandering along the shore line and he was certain they could be eaten since he’d seen it on tv, but he hadn’t yet tried to tackle them, either. If necessary, he could always drive back to one of the villages they had passed and buy anything else they might need, anyway.

Yazoo: "A building?" Yazoo turned back to the structure again to look at it for a moment longer. Then he turned back around to give Loz a smile. "I'll help." Shifting to rest on his knees, he leaned closer toward the sand building and analyzed it. He wasn't quite sure what Loz had in mind for it so he just started to pat the walls to make them straighter until told to do something else. After a while, he sat up straight again and frowned slightly, realizing that his lack of artistic talent seemed to expand to sand structures as well. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Kadaj had finally stopped reading his book to apply some sunscreen. As he didn't have much trust in the sun, Yazoo had already covered the skin he allowed to show with the stuff so he had no worries about 'sun-burn.' Though he didn't like how greasy the stuff felt. Turning back to Loz, he sat back patiently and waited for some sort of instruction on what to do next.

Loz: "Why don't you collect some of the pebbles and the shells for now? Then we can decide where they're to go?" He didn't want for Yazoo's answer, instead, taking a quick job up the beach to where Kadaj was and he crouched down to look for the lotion. "Yazoo and I are working on my buildings, do you want to help? We're making a moat and adding windows and stuff." He didn't think Kadaj would say yes, even as he was given Loz's best puppy dog gaze, but Loz wanted to ask anyway. Spying the lotion he pulled it free and uncapped it. After wiping his hands and upper body off with a towel, he splodged some sun lotion onto his hands and rubbed it in slightly before he used his hands to cover his shoulders and chest once more. When that was done he added little splodges to his cheeks and nose.

Kadaj: Laying down once more, Kadaj crossed his arms and rested his chin atop them, letting his eyes fall closed. The warmth, the sound of the waves lapping up against the shore, the calls of birds overheard, the sowing of the wind through the grasses... all of it combined into a peaceful calm, and he was still able to keep his mind clear and free of any of the worries which usually managed to plague him. It was a nice change, and he could feel his muscles relaxing.

It was only moments later, though, that he was interrupted by the eldest of his brothers coming up the beach to where he was, and Kadaj opened his eyes again to look up at Loz. “I’m fine. I just want to have a rest, you go have some fun.” The Loz gave him that look. That sad, beaten puppy look, and Kadaj just had to stare at him for a moment. Then he reached out and patted Loz’s shoulder, wrinkling his nose a little at the greasy feel of the lotion. “Maybe in a while. I like listening to the water and just feeling the wind on my skin, I don’t feel like doing much else right now.”

Yazoo: Now knowing what to do, Yazoo gave his brother a nod before standing up and brushing the sand off his knees. Glancing back, he smiled a little as Loz (presumably) asked Kadaj to join them. As he doubted that even Kadaj could stay in a book for that long, he turned back and started to walk along the beach, stopping to pick up a pebble or seashell that caught his attention. Eventually he ended up with more pebbles and seashells than he could carry in his hands. However...that didn't seem to be enough to properly decorate Loz's sand building. And just turning back around to drop them off by it would just get tedious after a while. Eventually he came to the conclusion that his shirt was very good for seashell holding and continued his search for a bit longer before returning to the construction site.

Loz: Loz pouted when his look was resisted and he sighed softly before nodded. "Then I will leave you to your book but... If you don't join us eventually I'll pick you up, carry you over, and then dunk you." He gave his brother a bright smile and ruffled his hair before he jogged back towards where he'd left his sand creations and other brother. "He wants to stay with his book for a while, but I said I'll dunk him if he stays to long like it." Spying what Yazoo was doing with his shirt, Loz grinned widely before helping him carry the shells and stones and then let his knees thud into the warm, soft sand. "How do you want to decorate?" He tilted his head, look at the collection they'd got of stones and shells and picked out a nice, pretty shell that would be used for a door and then he hmm'd softly and bit his lip.

Kadaj: Kadaj quirked an eyebrow at the threat of being tossed into the water that Loz gave him, and he was certain that his brother was probably telling the truth, too. And he could likely rest assured that Yazoo would join in on the ambush and then he’d be unable to fight back or resist. “I just want to read, Loz. I know you want me to play, and maybe I will later, but not right now.” He watched as Loz returned to Yazoo, and once the coast was clear, he picked up his book again and went back to reading. He should have thought to get some sort of large umbrella, but it was too late now for such things, so he wouldn’t worry himself over it. Sitting cross legged, he laid the book out on his lap and found his place again.

Yazoo: So Kadaj wasn't going to join him? He glanced at his younger brother and frowned slightly then turned back to Loz. "I'll help you dunk him when we're done with the castle. We could sneak up on him." He smiled and let Loz take some of the stones and shells before following him back to kneeling in front of the sand structure. It was supposed to be a building so there needed to be windows and doors. Following Loz's example, he grabbed a good-looking shell and was about to put a door on the opposite side. Then stopped.

Just slapping a shell on a wall wouldn't make a door. The people would still have to dig though the sand to get in. Then again, he doubted that there would be any spaces in the structure to be used as rooms so they would be no point in trying to get in anyway. And of course there was the issue of stability. Even if they did make holes and spaces and such, would it stand? Surely, there were safety regulations that would need to be followed. Then again...If any people who would even want to live in such a structure would have to be very small. If they decided to sue, Yazoo could easily squish them and the matter would be resolved. That settled, he placed the shell in the most aesthetically pleasing spot.

Loz: "I know, but we're here to have fun, relax..." Okay so reading was likely relaxing for Kadaj but Loz hated how it secluded him from them. Leaving his brother to it, but keeping his threat in mind, Loz got on with his own fun. "We could... We may have to if he keeps his nose in that book for much longer." Bottom lip sticking out in a pout, Loz tried not to sulk. He'd watched Yazoo get ready to stick something on the sand building and had been confused when the other stopped before he finally pushed something into the sand. Shaking his head and deciding not to think on it, Loz collected some of the little stones up to make windows, pushing them gently into the sand in a line before he shifted to collect more wet sand so he could make tall towers around the building. "This is a look-out." And it therefore needed special windows and doors and Loz looked for something shiny to use.

Kadaj: Nose thoroughly in his book, Kadaj let himself become completely oblivious to everything around him, and focused intently on the task at hand. Getting to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. He still wasn’t too sure how this little piece of metal caused so much havoc, but the book was enjoyable nonetheless. Enthralling, almost. It was a pleasant escape from the stresses of life, and he’d reread the book once he’d finished just to be certain he hadn’t missed out any details. One hand holding the book open, his other rested in the sand next to him, his fingers trailing around in the sand absently. He didn’t pay much mind to what was happening to Loz and Yazoo, as he was sure they’d entertain themselves well enough, and besides, he was having fun. In his own way.

Yazoo: Since Kadaj was currently laying back and reading and not running for his life from some beach monster with teeth and tentacles and other nasty things, Yazoo felt it safe to say, "He seems to be relaxing." Grabbing several small shells, he fanned them around the door and smiled a little when it ended up looking rather nice. "At least we know he likes it." That much was good, wasn't it? They at least knew how to get something he liked. Arranging the stones, he started to make a little pathway from the door out and around the structure. Glancing up at Loz's latest addition, he nodded. "A very important part of any castle. I'm sure the King would approve."

Loz: "He does, which is good I guess." A tinge of whining entered his tone, showing how sulky he still was that Kadaj hadn't joined them, but if Kadaj was enjoying himself then Loz couldn't fault him really. He deserved to relax and they still had several days to enjoy doing things together. "I know... I'm glad he does enjoy it. Really." Leaning over to give Yazoo a quick nuzzle of thanks for his help in choosing the book, Loz then sat back and stroked his fingers through the stones they'd collected before he came across a large, flat, shiny stone that was almost black in colour. "This can be the tower door."

Kadaj: Even though he kept his nose most firmly lodged in his book, Kadaj did eventually manage to pull his phone out of his pocket and shut it off to stave off any further interruption of their trip. While he did not want to shut Cloud out in case something important cropped up, he knew that he would be forever preoccupied waiting for a text message from the blond if he didn’t turn off his phone. Once the power was shut off, he put it into the nearby backpack for safekeeping. It would be a small matter to check for any messages throughout the day, and he could instead focus on the orcs. So many orcs. Ugly orcs. He wanted to kill orcs. Wouldn’t that be fun? How many could he take out before he lost count? Probably a lot, and Loz and Yazoo would probably help, too, but he wanted to kill as many as possible. Maybe in his dreams. The dream of orc slaughter. If he was lucky.

Yazoo: Purring, Yazoo nuzzled back then returned to the task at hand which was to continue laying out the path. It didn't take long for him to realize that the pathway didn't have anywhere to go. Backing off a bit, he looked at the structure, tilting his head as he thought. If there was nothing for the path to go to, then he would just have to make something wouldn't he? Gathering up some wet sand, he glanced back at Loz's tower and tried to mimic it...With much difficulty. Frowning slightly, he decided he didn't need a tower anyway. A shapeless mound was good enough for...something. "This is where the prisoners go." With that sad, he shoved several fingers into the ground and started to carve a nice deep moat around the prison to prevent any possible escape.

Loz: Whilst Yazoo worked on the pathway, Loz finished up putting the windows and doors in. He was a little put out that they had nothing to make a flag with but he was sure he could find something the next day and make his sand sculptures once more later on. He looked over when Yazoo spoke and Loz nodded, grinning. "That's good, we can keep the bad people in there... we shouldn't have a path to that, that way they can't escape." He didn't think on how the prisoners would be able to actually get inside in the first place but Loz didn't think it mattered. "We should do a moat all the way around and a draw-bridge." Standing, he left Yazoo to it before he plodded down to the shore, eyes scanning the area. "Aha!" Finding a piece of driftwood, he scooped it up before the waves could snatch it back and gave it a little shake as he walked back to his brother. "This can be the draw bridge." And he laid it out.

Kadaj: The orcs. They were attacking. It was time to do something about the orcs. Kadaj carefully set his book to the side so it would remain safe and then stood up, picking up Souba which had lay next to him, and unsheathed her. He looked over the blade lovingly before moving out away from the campfire. He would do some practice. He had realised during his spar with Sephiroth how out of practice he was, and he needed to make up for that. So, practice sounded good. Wielding the blade left-handed, his grip firm, Kadaj began to swing the blade left and right, imagining an invisible target of several flailing orcs. How he would slay them, one by one. Miserable, smelly, stupid orcs, dead by Souba’s twin blades. First one, and then another felled with a single swipe. That should teach them. Worthless, skill-less, weakling orcs. Killed by a mere boy. That was all he was, wasn’t he? That’s what Mindy at the bar seemed to think. She treated him as a kid. Maybe he should act like it? But, not, that was a regression, a way he didn’t want to go. He had to go forward, prove his worth, prove he was an adult and capable of caring not only for himself, but for his brothers.

And in the meantime, he would slaughter invisible orcs. Hundreds of them.

Yazoo: Loz was right...A pathway to the prison would only lead to a possible escape. Fortunately, Yazoo was apparently related to an architectural genius who managed to come up with a plan that didn't involve taking the carefully laid out path away. Sitting back, he waited patiently until Loz finished retrieving and laying out the drawbridge. That little bit down, he grinned and gave Loz a quick kiss on the cheek for his oh so hard work.

Curious to how his other brother was doing, he looked up to see Kadaj finally out of his book. Turning back to Loz, he asked, "Should we all spar? Together?"

Loz: Loz beamed at the kiss smiling happily before he took a last look at his creation to make sure that it was perfect. He tidied up the moat a little before looking up and over to see Kadaj. "At least he's not reading anymore..." Loz's weapons were still packed away safely, unlike Souba and velvet Nightmare to an extent, the Hound wasn't easy to clean on the best of times and he really didn't want to get sand in its mechanism. He hadn't wanted to leave it behind though either. "We could ask him if we can join in?" Loz thought it was a little too hot and he wasn't exactly dressed for sparring but if it got the three of them doing something together...

Kadaj: Ok, so perhaps he wasn’t really going to slaughter orcs, but the thought at least could keep him entertained for the next half hour. In the meantime, he concentrated on moving his sword and exercising his muscles and limbs. If his spar with Sephiroth had taught him nothing else, he had learned that he had not pushed himself enough in this new body and it needed further conditioning to move past the sluggishness and move more and more into the speed and agility he had once before had. His bare feet moved through the warm sand, kicking it up as he bounced on his toes, and the soft breeze blew his bangs back from his face a little even as he quickly began to work up a sweat.

Yazoo: Yazoo nodded and stood up, bending over to brush the dust of his knees. "We should. It'll be..." He tried to think of a good word. "Helpful?" Sounded a bit right. Straightening himself up, he stretched his arms out over his head and held them that way for a few seconds. Lowering them, he flexed a bit to loosen them up before he started to walk toward Kadaj. Standing back a fair distance as so not to be in the way, he asked, "Mind if we join you?"

Loz: "Helpful yes." Loz nodded a little as he straightened and lifted a hand to wipe away at some of the dried sand on his arm and chest. It was starting to itch and tighten a little and he knew he'd have to jump in the water before attempting to get to sleep that night. His nose still felt a little hot and Loz knew he'd have to buy one of those ugly hat things the next day he'd seen in a shop close by or perhaps one of those large umbrella thingies to keep the sun off of himself. As he looked at Kadaj, watching him once more he nodded a little at Yazoo's request. "Yes, can we?"

Kadaj: He continued as he was, swinging Souba with all of the grace he could muster, his muscles flexing as he moved. It was a simple task, taking little thought, and he merely went through moves he already knew, practicing and refining them. He could see his brothers moving out of the corner of his eye, though he didn’t yet look at them as he continued to concentrate, shifting forward a few steps. The sand welled up between his toes, and he feet sunk down slightly, but he didn’t let is disrupt his practice. When he heard Yazoo’s voice, and then Loz’s, he finally turned and took a step toward them, then leapt up into the air and over their heads to land a few feet behind them. With a small smirk, he asked, “Since when do my brothers need my permission to join in?”

Yazoo: Show-off. He smiled and turned around to face the amazing acrobat Kadaj. Actually, now that he thought about it, an acrobat would be a good job...Right? Interrupting that thought, he thought of how to answer his brother's question. He was about to answer that he was simply being polite when he realized it wasn't an actual 'question' so much as it was a 'yes.' That little issue settled he nodded toward his younger brother then went over toward the packs to retrieve his Velvet Nightmare. After a quick check to make sure it was loaded, he gave Kadaj a grin then turned to Loz, waiting for him to get ready as well.

Loz: "I would have laughed if you landed in the sand." Loz grinned at Kadaj, knowing full well that he wouldn't have landed anything but perfectly but he felt it needed to be said anyway. Turning to face Kadaj he grinned at him, ready to answer until he realized it was more a statement and then grinned. As Yazoo went to retrieve his Velvet nightmare, Loz looked towards where their packs were and then down at himself. He wasn't really dressed for sparring and he thought it was a little too warm but he didn't want to disappoint. And so, he moved after Yazoo, grabbing his Velvet nightmare rather than the Hound then looked between it and the thigh strap and then down at himself. Brows furrowing, he then shrugged and attached the thigh strap. It would likely chafe against his skin but it was easier than just... holding it. "Okay, ready," he called, making no attempt to get dressed as he walked back to Kadaj.

Kadaj: Kadaj watched as both brothers readied themselves, one slender silver brow raising up as each of them took up a Velvet Nightmare, and he had to wonder if they truly intended to use the bullets or just the blades. No matter, either way suited him perfectly, and he was more than confident in his ability to defend himself even against the bullets. When Loz declared his state of readiness, Kadaj grinned and then darted forward, taking a quick swipe toward Loz before turning and making an attack for Yazoo. Then, he darted in between them and turned, taking several steps backward through the sand. He trusted they would be quick and defend, then he was cure to only attack with the flats of his blades regardless.

Yazoo: Once Loz at announced that he was ready, Yazoo went into a battle stance and held his gun up. Kadaj was skilled at dodging and deflecting attacks so he was sure that none of his bullets would hit...Which sort of defeated the purpose of trying to improve his aim but he could at least concentrate on his martial arts. Kadaj had already started toward them and he lowered his gun, bringing it up again the moment Kadaj tried to strike him. Jumping back a bit and turning as he did so, he watched his younger brother, then glanced over at Loz. It would be unfair for Kadaj if they gained up on him but, they had always fought best as a duo, didn't they? Careful to aim just a bit off, he shot at Kadaj and hoped it missed.

Loz: Loz wasn't really sure how this was going to work considering their was three of them and one would likely end up getting picked on unless they did some kind of triangle attack and the mental image side-tracked him briefly until he felt the air suddenly change around him and it was only a quick flip and a tug on the VN from its pouch that stopped him from being slashed into little ribbons and he scowled slightly at his own daydreaming though he'd been pleased that despite the lack of training, his body still remembered his moves even when his brain was being a bit slow to tick over. Wanting to get back, he calmed himself as he took up a light run across the sand, ready to attack when he heard a gunshot and he dove into a roll, ready to bring up the rear and a surprise attack for when his youngest brother was defending the bullet or moving out of the way. He didn't want it to be he and Yazoo versus Kadaj even if the two of them had always fought side by side.

Kadaj: Satisfied that neither brother had been hurt, Kadaj relaxed a little, but the sudden sound of gunshot snapped him back to alertness, and before he truly even gave the motion any thought, he’d raised Souba, the blade blocking the bullet and sending it ricocheting off into the distance with a slight twang of his sword’s twin blades. He could feel his heart rate speeding up, his breathing coming faster as he mentally prepared himself, and he couldn’t stop the wide grin from creeping up on his face. So this is what it was meant to be like, he and his brothers, free to do as they pleased, no rules or restrictions, no thoughts, no duties, no worries. When had it last been this way? A long time. Too long. Tightening his grip, he moved in after Loz, raising Souba to strike again.

Yazoo</b>: Kadaj deflected it. As to be expected. Kadaj was too good to be hit. Now Kadaj was moving in on Loz. Rushing to his aide would seem like favoritism which was never good. However his back was turned to him and if this was a real battle, he'd be a fool to turn it down. Standing back a bit, he waited a few seconds then-Go. Rushing toward Kadaj, he held his gun up to defend any possible counterattack and prepared to get down low and take his legs out from under him, keeping his right hand on the ground to keep him balanced.

Loz: Already going for Kadaj, Loz was able to deflect his blow, using the sharper top of the VN to try and push Souba back and Kadaj with it. From the corner of his eye he saw something and assumed only that it could be Yazoo taking a run up and pulling the VN back quickly he then brought it back down against Souba, hand tight on the handle but not enough so to now allow it to rebound a little from the attack and he waited for an opportunity to work with Yazoo and a thought came to him, he get Kadaj into the water one way or another.

Kadaj: He jumped back with a slight oof! when Loz countered his attack, the other’s greater physical strength enough to send him a few feet into retreat to regain his bearings before attempting another attack. Giving his shoulders a roll to help keep them lose, he was preparing to move in again and make another attack, perhaps even to drive Loz back a bit, when a flash of silver caught his notice, and he’d only just turned his head to see Yazoo when his middle brother dropped down low. Kadaj took a stumbling step backward to try to escape this sudden attack, but he wasn’t quite quick enough and Yazoo managed to clip one of his feet. Stumbling, Kadaj twisted around and took several long, wobbly steps, nearly falling to the side, though he managed to catch himself with his right hand. Pushing forward, still wholly unbalanced, he made his way away from them so he could get his balance again and renew the attack.

Yazoo: Running away wasn't like his brother. He only clipped him. Apparently that was just enough to get him off-balance. Kadaj should've been able to dodge it entirely, if not at least recover faster. What was wrong with Kadaj? Well, he could get it out of him if he caught him. Pushing himself back up to a standing position, he rushed at Kadaj again, this time to try and tackle him into the sand. The sand was soft, he'd live.

Loz: Yazoo seemed to have the same idea as Loz as they both took up running after Kadaj and he wondered if it was turning into some sort of game. Speeding up despite the lack of Haste. Drawing close, he hoped he didn't end up smashing into Yazoo as he took a leaping pounce, arms spreading in an effort to latch onto Kadaj's feet in an effort to drop him to the ground, and eventually roll him if he succeeded. He was enjoying himself, grinning widely as he jumped though the VN slid from his grip as he attacked and had a brief split second to hope that Kadaj didn't strike at him with Souba.

Kadaj: They were ganging up on him. He could tell when first Yazoo and then Loz came after him when he almost lost his balance, and he had to wonder for a moment if it was a game or an attack. His first reaction was to try to dodge out of the way, but he’d still not quite recovered from almost getting tripped and found himself taken down far more easily then he would have liked. He dropped Souba to make sure he didn’t hurt himself or his brothers, and then tried to claw himself out of Yazoo’s grasp, hands pulling at the sand in front of him but his fingers only left long furrows as he found no purchase to pull himself free. Turning his head, he looked back over his shoulder at Yazoo and growled, teeth slightly bared before he found himself completely immobilised by Loz tackling his feet.

Yazoo: The tackle was a success and Yazoo grinned at Kadaj, chuckling softly at the growl. That was more like it. It wasn't long before Loz joined and got a hold of Kadaj's legs. There was no chance of their younger brother moving now. Course...The victory was far easier than he would've liked...And it wasn't fair for the two eldest (and largest) to gain up on him...That and going against your leader was treason...So he let go of Kadaj and immediately pounced Loz, wrapping an arm around his torso and trying to use his body-weight to keep him down.

Loz: "Got you!" Loz grinned as he held onto Kadaj's feet, knowing full well his younger brother would try and squirm or fidget to get free and the growl was surprising but nevertheless amusing. He was going to suggest that he and Yazoo carry him up and dunk him into the water when his other brother pounced him instead and he let go of Kadaj in surprise. "Traitor!" He yelled, laughing as he tried prying Yazoo's hands from his torso, trying to find some hold in the sand so that he could roll them and reverse the position. "Let goooooo." He whined and if Yazoo wasn't going to then Loz decided to fight dirty and grabbed hold of a large pile of sand before pulling the other's waistband back and let the warm, golden sand drop down his shorts. "Ha!"

Kadaj: Insolence! Treason! His own brothers were trying to take him down, and the only thing he could do was lay in the sand waiting for them to let him go because it seemed that with all of his struggling, they were too strong for him. But the moment that Yazoo let go and turned on Loz, Kadaj was climbing up again, onto his knees, and flipped himself around to watch the heap of big brothers. Then, Loz went to put some sand down Yazoo’s trousers, and Kadaj got an idea. Picking up a handful of sand, he chucked it at the both. “You shouldn’t-” and he chucked more sand- “attack your leader.” Another handful was let fly. And then he stood up and hauled ass, figuring they would probably come after him again, and he wanted a decent head start so he at least had some semblance of a chance of escape.

Yazoo: While Kadaj was easy to pin down given his smaller statue, Loz was a bit more difficult, but Yazoo didn't let go. He kept a firm grip on him and-And then there was sand in his shorts and he immediately jumped up with a silent shriek and tried to shake it out. But before he could get very far in that endeavor, his other brother started to toss sand at him. Some of the first toss got into his left eye and he quickly looked down to try and blink it out, not daring to look back up till Kadaj had finished. Eye still feeling a bit irritated, he brought a hand up to cover it as he got up and tried to come up with a way to get rid of that one grain that insisted on making his life hell. The sea water was salty and he doubted that would do any good, but using some of the drinking water would be a waste. Which left standing around and blinking in hope of somehow clearing it out on his own.

Loz: Feeling sand suddenly hit him, Loz spluttered, looking over just long enough to see Kadaj throw more before running off and he growled softly. Yazoo jumping off of him with a shriek though diverted his attention, and Loz sat up, watching Yazoo look around as he tried to cover it and the elder brother stood. "I'm going to get him." And giving Yazoo a devious grin, he gave chase after Kadaj. He was fast, even without the haste and he sped across the sand as fast as he could, sinking into it a little as he moved and as he drew close enough he pounced. "Rawr!"

Kadaj: He could hear Loz coming after him, and he picked up his pace, panting just a little as he ran through the sand, the stuff shifting beneath his feet and making running not exactly an easy task to complete. And Loz was gaining on him fast, his eldest brother always the quickest and physically strongest, and he knew that if Loz got hold of him there would be no escape. So he tried to dodge and weave a bit, but that was useless, and hearing the little mock roar, and he knew he was done for. Feeling Loz come up behind him, he let out a little eep! and tried to twist away, pivoting on one heel.

Yazoo: It took several more blinks before his eye watered up enough to get rid of the irritant. Though trying to wipe it away was probably not the wisest decision he made, but after some more blinking, his eye was more or less sand-free. The sand in his eye was no longer an issue which now left him free to worry about the sand in his shorts and his hair. Grabbing the waistband of his shorts, he gave it a few quick jerks to try and shake it out, getting rid of most of the sand. Then, he shut both eyes tight and raised both hands to the top of his head and tried to shake out the sand in his hair...Though he was certain he only made it a tangled mess. Sighing, he turned to walk toward the water. Hopefully he'd be able to at least wash away whatever sand was left.

Loz: Letting out a cheer as he gripped onto his target, Loz's soft "Woo!" was short spent as he moved and wiggled to get a better hold. Arms around Kadaj's waist, he grinned widely, looking around before he smirked up at his brother. Starting on a roll, he was careful not to squish his younger brother as he tried to propel them across the sand to the short distance into the water. He was going to get Kadaj in their one way or another.

Kadaj: Loz’s hold was too tight and he couldn’t get free, and it was only a moment that he realised where they were headed. Straight for the water. He hadn’t even been in the ocean yet, enjoying his book far too much to go prancing through the waves of building sand castles, but now it seemed that the choice had been lifted from him as Loz rolled them toward the ocean. He was thankful at least that he didn’t end up with a mouthful of sand, and he squeezed his eyes shut so he didn’t get anything in them. “Loz, hey!” He put up a feeble fight, but it was useless, and he braced himself for... whatever it would be like getting dunked in the water.

Yazoo: On his way toward the water, Yazoo had to stop and watch as his brothers rolled past. He just stood there and watched until they went past. Then he bit his lip to try and not laugh too much... and failed wonderfully. It was far too amusing to miss and he followed them as they rolled toward the water, still keeping a safe distance incase either one of them had a brilliant plan that would involve him getting covered in more sand. He had had more than enough of that stuff for one day.

Loz: Loz was aware that sand was sticking to his chest and in his hair and in other, rather uncomfortable places and he was starting to get dizzy but all was forgotten when they finally splashed into the water, Kadaj ending up on top and Loz smiled up at his brother, letting go only for a moment before he pounced again in a way to send both of them deep into the water. It was time the youngest got wet and played with them and a look back at Yazoo, and he was planning on his next idea. "Let's get him," he whispered to Kadaj. Hopefully Kadaj would agree seeing as Yazoo was still the most dry of the three.

Kadaj: He sputtered and coughed when he was finally forced into the water, his single moment of thinking he could get up and escape thwarted when Loz suddenly dunked him deeper and he ended up face first in the salty ocean. Face first and sinking fast beneath the waves, instantly thoroughly wet through. Seconds later, he pushed up off the sandy floor and got his head above the water, but his hair was plastered to his head and water running down his face. Both of his hands lifted up to brush his hair from his face, and when Loz whispered at him, he just blinked for a moment before getting a small devious smirk on his face. Without a word, he splashed through the water toward Yazoo and lunged for him.

Yazoo: Yazoo stopped. His brothers had both rolled into the water and had both gotten thoroughly wet...And then they started to whisper at each other. Given the looks on their faces (and the way Kadaj suddenly started splashing toward him), he was able to take a good guess as to what they were planning. There was only one thing he could do in such a scenario.

Turn hightail and run like hell. He could only hope that splashing though the water would buy him enough time to keep himself dry for at least a little longer.

Loz: Loz's grin grew when Kadaj started after Yazoo and he couldn't hold back an amused chuckle when Yazoo turned on his heel and tried to escape. Seeing as Kadaj was taking a slower route through the water Loz decided to take after Yazoo on the sand and he took off in a run. Why he was being so evasive, he didn't know, but the chase was rather fun.

Kadaj: Splashing through the water in a pair of soaked jeans and a t-shirt was not a simple task, and after several near leaping steps, and seeing Loz take off at a much faster route than he was managing, Kadaj stopped and did the one thing Kadaj was prone to do, regardless of the situation. First his t-shirt and then his jeans were stripped off, leaving him in only a pair of black boxers, and tossed his clothing up onto the shore where it landed in a pile in the sand. Ahhh, much better. He started splashing after Yazoo again, faster this time, intent on catching up and taking some part in the ambush.

Yazoo: Pausing only once and only for a second, Yazoo turned around to see Loz gaining up on him by land and a now mostly-nude Kadaj gaining up by sea. Immediately he turned back around and started to run as fast as he could with his feet sinking in the sand. He swerved a bit closer to water where the sand was wetter and harder, feet splashing though the water that was low enough to not impede his progress. Looking farther ahead he saw some large rocks close to the shore. He hadn't paid much attention to them since he arrived, having no interest in something he could see whenever he wanted in the wastelands, but now he choose them as his goal. However they were rather distant and he could hear his brothers behind him but...If he stayed where the sand was solid enough and kept his current speed, maybe he could make it.

Loz: The chase was on, and Loz's grin grew wider as he gave chase, breathing in quickly, heart racing as he tried to speed up. Yazoo was a good runner also so the competition was rather nice and he was pleased that the other wasn't easy prey. Following his lead, Loz moved from the softer, clumpier sand to the wet, slightly firmer sand closer to the shore line and he splashed a little as he moved, hands working at his side to give him more momentum. It was fun, he felt alive, and even if Yazoo got away he didn't mind. Looking behind he could see a less clothed Kadaj follow up behind and an idea came to him. Stopping just briefly, he picked up a large clump of wet sand, forming it quickly into a ball before he started running again. When he was close enough, he put all his strength into through the sand clump at Yazoo, and watched as it sailed in the air towards the other's back. He didn't stop running even as he watched to see a possible impact.

Kadaj: Running almost naked was much, much easier than in soaked clothing, and why he hadn’t thought of this at first, he wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter now, he could start gaining on his middle brother. Moving closer to the shore, mimicking both brothers, Kadaj used the slightly more packed sand to aid his chase, now almost completely unimpeded by the ocean as he went after Yazoo. He stifled a small laugh when Loz threw some mud at their other brother, and watched eagerly to see if it would hit its target. He briefly thought about throwing his own mudball, but then decided against it. He was already having a time keeping up with this- running had never really been his strong point after all- so taking even a second to throw mud at either of them would just see him fall behind farther.

Yazoo: The rocks were getting closer but still seemed so far off. What he planned to do when he reached the rocks, he wasn't sure but he hopefully once he got there he would figure something out. He had to concentrate on getting there first. Thankfully that extra training he had been doing in the backyard seemed to be helping as he probably would've been out of breath by now if he didn't. Then something hit him in the back and he nearly tripped and fell over. He quickly caught himself and continued to run, though he had been delayed by a whole two seconds and his brothers were most likely close behind. Dangerously close. However...The rocks were so much closer now...He willed his legs to go as fast as he possibly could, heart pounding against his chest, breaths coming in pants. All concentration went to reaching those rocks and as he got closer, he stretched out his arm then- MADE IT! ...Now what?

Loz: A quick look behind and Loz was pleased that Kadaj was close and the two of them could close in. He let out a holler of glee when his sand ball hit Yazoo firmly and whilst there was a bit of a stumble he didn't fall and Loz watched as his brother made it to the rocks. When he finally caught up to him, he couldn't do much else as he bent over and cough hard, panting for breath as his heart thundered in his chest. "That was fun." He wheezed a little and decided that having human lungs and thus not being able to run as well, kinda sucked. But at least he'd made it and after getting his breath back he stood straight again.

Kadaj: So now, it seemed, Yazoo had escaped, as Loz was not dunking him into the ocean, and this would not do. Unfortunately, the brakes didn’t quite work, either, the water and wet sand not at all helping the matter, and with a rather loud and humiliating yelp, he found himself smacking into his eldest brother, and then, worse! bouncing backward without a loud oof! and falling onto his rear in the sand. Panting softly, he sat there for a moment before finally just flopping back and trying to catch his breath. Running... was definitely... not... his thing.

Yazoo: Gripping onto the wall, he gulped and took deep breaths as he tried to let himself calm down, though with the way his heart insisted on pounding, he doubted that would happen. When Loz caught up, he just leaned against the rocks and waited for the inevitable dunking...Which never came. Instead his brother wheezed "That was fun," and Yazoo just nodded in reply. Then Kadaj bounded up and he decided to wait for the inevitable-...Bouncing off of Loz and flopping down on the ground... ...Apparently victory was his though it still didn't feel like it. Looking up, he thought of how he could jump up to the top of the rocks and do...something. However his legs were too shaky to do any real leaping . But he could try something slower... After letting his breathing slow down a little, he lifted one leg and put his foot down on a suitable hold and one arm reached out to grab another hold, higher up. Moving slow, as his shaky limbs would only allow so much, he started to climb.

Loz: Still taking in deep breaths, hand at his side and clutching it a little, he decided that running such a distance without the use of Haste was... A really stupid idea, and he made a note to train a lot more. The sand being hard to run on as it was would be implemented into a distance run whilst they remained at the beach so he could work on it. Having materia and nothing to back it up was rather silly. He needed some water and was going to head back to their camp area when he felt something thud into the back of him, and turning to look over his shoulder, his eyes widened slightly when he noticed that the thud had been caused by his youngest brother and he chuckled slightly before copying him and he laid back onto the sand, waiting to get his breath back as he watched Yazoo begin to climb. "Where are you going?" He called out somewhat breathlessly.

Kadaj: Still panting a little, Kadaj just stayed where he was in the sand, looking up at the sky, then closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head. Being all wet with the slight breeze chilled him a little, but the sun was still very warm and quickly reheated him. Even the slight winding by crashing into Loz was fading away from him, and his breathing was returning to normal. When Loz spoke, he let one eye pop open to see his middle brother now climbing the rocks, and he watched for a few seconds before closing his eye again. Ahhh, maybe he could have a nap. Except his skin could end up burning, and that would be bad.

Yazoo: Climbing was rather difficult to do when one's limbs were rather...unstable, so Yazoo had to stop every few moments to let himself calm down before continuing. When Loz asked about his destination, he stopped again and took a deep breath before answering, "Don't know," and continued to climb. Eventually, he reached the top and pulled himself up, collapsing once he was on solid rock. It wasn't very comfortable but he looked up and decided it was worth it. The sky was starting to look...warm, with the oranges and reds. The sun would set and when it did, he would have a fantastic view. All he had to do was wait.

Loz: "What's it look like from up there?" Loz peered up at his brother and squinted slightly from the brightness of the sun. Shifting his hand to cover his eyes, he tried to look once more, but couldn't really see much of him. Sitting up now his breath was mostly back and his lungs didn't feel like they were going to explode anymore, he shifted to sit on one of the warm rocks and glanced out over the water.

"There room up there for us?" Well, he wasn't sure if Kadaj was going to move from the sand anytime soon, but it was nicer to ask on his behalf also.

Kadaj: Remaining where he was for a long moment, Kadaj just watched his brothers make their way up the rocks, not really intending to move from where he was, but when Loz asked if there was room for them up as well, he finally sat up and then stood, moving over to the rocks to climb as well. It wasn’t exactly nice on his feet, but with his breath under control again, it wasn’t too difficult to make his way up.

“We can watch the world, and then star-gaze, can’t we?” It was a nice thought, just laying out in the darkness with his brothers and watching th vastness of the sky above, as though nothing else existed for the time being.

Yazoo: "It looks..." There were a lot of words he could use to describe it, and for some reason he felt like he had to pick just the right one. "Beautiful." When the question was asked, he looked around and scooted closer to the other side to make more room. But before he could invite them, Kadaj had apparently decided to invite himself and Yazoo smiled when he came up.

"We can...And probably will." The smile grew and he patted the a spot next to him for Kadaj to sit down before looking over at Loz. "You going to join us?"

Loz: Watching Kadaj go ahead of him, Loz continued to climb upwards, taking the route up slow and steady. When he heard Yazoo he rolled his eyes a little. "I'm coming, I'm coming." When he reached the top, he looked for a spot to sit and got comfortable before looking out at the view ahead of them. "This is really something," he breathed.

Kadaj: Sitting next to Yazoo, Kadaj looked out at the sky and ocean as the night crept up, the orange hues above them like nothing he’d seen before in Midgar. It was... amazing was really the only work he could think of to describe it. Simply amazing. When Loz sat beside him, Kadaj lifted both arms and draped them across each of his brothers’ shoulders and hugged them to him, enjoying the closeness of having them there with him. “We should sit out here until the stars come out.... I don’t want to leave.”

Yazoo: Yazoo continued to smile and moved his arm to wrap around Kadaj's waist and return the hug. "I have no intention of leaving." He gave him a smile and lowered his head to nuzzle his younger brother. He was with both brothers, just them and no-one else, in a place that was just...beautiful. There was only one way he could describe this. "Today was perfect."

Loz: Smiling, Loz returned his brother's embrace and nodded at his words, before echoing Yazoo's own. "I've no intention either, this is truly a sight to see." Stretching out a little he took a deep breath, enjoy the air everything seemed so much clearer, cleaner there than back in Midgar and he was in no hurry to get back to it. He had his brother's, Ula, and he was content."I'm glad we came here."

((Summary: Brothers at the beach. Just silliness. Backdated like two weeks o_o))