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24 May 2006 @ 08:17 pm
Comtemplations - Cloud/Sephiroth (Part 3)  
SUMMARY: Sephiroth comes to visit Cloud in the now empty apartment and they discuss Kadaj, mothers, and life in general. Yaoi warning for part 2 & 3.

Cloud: So lost in the feeling of Sephiroth stroking him and completing the task of writing with his tongue, Cloud hardly noticed when his lover's legs settled back on the bed. He let out a little moan as he finally removed his mouth and began to look up at Sephiroth, shivering to the touch on his arms. A sigh left him as he regarded Sephiroth, tilting his head at what he thought was a change in the older man.

It was confirmed when he could only gasp as his arms were seized, not fighting the hold as he considered that Sephiroth was now changing their position. He raised his arms almost defensively when he was slammed down to the bed, feeling his weight settle hard on it, a moment later the space between his legs being filled with Sephiroth's body. He stared at Sephiroth at the change, their previously innocent passion seemingly turning dangerous as he thought there was a much less innocent air around the older man leaning over him, the constant touch over every aspect of his body holding a more possessive edge to it than he was used to.

The muscles of his jaw tightened at the warning, his elbows settling on the bed and pushing up his upper body so that he could regard Sephiroth more. This was definitely a darker side to the older man, but he couldn't prevent the shiver at the teasings that he received... yet he couldn't allow his eyes to close and enjoy it, too much on guard. His breath caught in his throat at the words spoken to him, finding himself face-to-face with an all-consuming possessive lover...

...but wasn't this still just Sephiroth? This silver-haired man that he had allowed himself to feel for, that he had found acceptance with and could accept in return. This was still Sephiroth, just another faction of an kaleidoscope of personality, meaning it was not different from his own different factions. But... could he live with this sort of possessive nature for long periods of time? That question was much more hazy to find, but the older man was looking for a reaction now.

He stared at Sephiroth in the darkness, not afraid by the green eyes that stared back at him. Slowly, he lifted a hand and touched the older man's face, trailing his fingers down smooth skin until his fingers caressed the bottom of Sephiroth's chin. Still, his eyes never left Sephiroth's until they slowly closed and he leaned himself towards the older man, pressing his cheek against Sephiroth's... and then he softly purred, a noise he had never made before. It was softer than the purring noise that Sephiroth made, low and contented.

"I'm not afraid of who you are," he whispered softly before he continued his soft purring noise. He sat up completely, pushing Sephiroth back with his cheek to make it possible, adding a soft nuzzling afterwards. "This is who you are, and for as long as we are together, I want you to possess me." He softly moaned into Sephiroth's ear before his purring noise appeared again, and he slid himself forward until he had seated himself into his lover's lap, trailing his fingers down the older man's chest until he caressed Sephiroth's erection with his fingertips. "There is nothing about you I find dangerous in these moments with you..."

Sephiroth: The fires of possessiveness still raged within him, the flames consuming his entire being as Sephiroth’s gaze remained firmly locked onto his lover beneath him. What he had spoken, though were his true thoughts, were usually thoughts kept buried deep within his very being. One’s he had felt from the darker aspects of his own personality and thoughts which he had kept hidden from his lover.

Right from the beginning of their relationship he had been more than well aware of Cloud’s dislike to the darker sides of his personality, a side to him which he had placed in a dormant state, only at times allowing small snippets to show through. The fact that the younger man was instantly on guard by his words didn’t go unnoticed, the catch of breath and the tightening of his lover’s jaw all indications all silently spoke of the others honest reaction.

Sephiroth was about to pull back, giving his lover the space he needed when it became obvious that particular side of him would never be accepted. It came as no surprise if he were to be honest and he simply accepted it in return. He paused instantly though as he felt the touch to his face. Gaze flickering briefly to the contact, his attention just as quickly returned to the blue eyes, studying the younger man carefully as he allowed the touch to move freely upon his skin.

When his chin was caressed, Sephiroth unknowingly allowed his own guard to drop slightly as his gaze remained intently focused upon Cloud’s own. There wasn’t even a flinch of muscle along his frame as the younger man closed the distance between them and the soft feel of his lover’s cheek against his own made itself known. Closing his eyes at the sensation, slowly his own arms slipped around his lover’s waist, holding Cloud as the sound of soft purring drifted past his hearing.

It seemed as though he had somehow gotten himself into the habit of purring without knowing he was doing it. Sephiroth half thought as he listened to the soft sound, the tune calming him until he realised that the sound wasn’t coming from himself, but from his lover instead. The pleasant noise spoke volumes even before Cloud began to speak, the soft sound that held no hint of rejection within it as Sephiroth caught the undertones of emotions hidden behind the sounds of the tune.

There was no resistance as he was gently forced back, the contact between them remaining undisturbed while the uncontrollable flames of possessiveness began to calm within him, becoming more of a soft steady flow instead of the raging inferno. A pleased groan quietly slipped past his lips when he felt Cloud slip onto sitting on his lap.

Sephiroth remained thoughtfully quiet as he listened to his lover speak, his body arching up into the touch as he felt Cloud’s fingers slide teasingly down his chest. He made no attempt at hiding the pleasured moan as he felt his erection being caressed by his lover, the sensations from the touch almost overwhelming as Cloud’s next statement was given.

Nothing dangerous? Sephiroth thought quietly to himself. Removing his cheek from Cloud’s own, Sephiroth began to kiss the soft flesh his mouth came into contact with until capturing his lover’s lips with his own. The kiss this time though held no possessiveness within it, was kept slow and unhurried while his hands unwrapped themselves from around the younger man’s waist. Thrusting his groin up against Cloud’s, his hands came to grip either side of his lover’s hip’s, holding the younger man in place as he pulled away from the kiss and his gaze caught that of Cloud’s.

“Then I will posses you and claim you entirely as my own” The grip he held on his lovers hips tightened in response to his statement as he ground his groin up against his lover’s, moaning softly as their erections came into contact with each other. “You are mine Cloud, have always been mine… and I will never allow you to leave my side.” Sephiroth firmly spoke as one hand released the captured hip and moved back to tease his lover’s entrance.

Cloud: Cloud leaned into the kiss when Sephiroth's lips finally made their way over to him. He kept the kiss simple on his end, just savouring the contact between them before he allowed his tongue to flick against the older man's lips gently. He let out a soft moan at the contact of their groins, angling his hips more towards the contact and shuddering as his eyes finally slipped closed. He opened his eyes again when the kiss ended, staring into Sephiroth's eyes in return.

His back arched at the teasing, pressing his chest more against Sephiroth as he shifted his hips from side to side in a grinding motion as he craned his neck down and started to bite a line along Sephiroth's shoulders. He slid his hands down Sephiroth's back, digging his nails in as he shifted and swayed his body in an erotic fashion so that all of his muscles shifted to show off his physique to the older man. Tangling his fingers into Sephiroth's hair, he gave a little tug to pull Sephiroth's head back and bit down on the newly exposed neck, leaving a mark behind.

He pushed Sephiroth back and slid out of the older man's lap, sliding gracefully across the mattress towards the bedside table. He fished around in the drawer and pulled up a tube of lubrication, glancing back to where Sephiroth was before he glided back the way that he had come from. He seated himself in front of the older man and unscrewed the cap, flicking it to the side and losing sight of it, not really paying attention.

Pressing on the tube, he put some in the palm of his hand and reached out to grasp his lover's erection, stroking the hardened flesh in his hand, at the same time smearing the lubrication over it. He leaned down and flicked his tongue across the head of his lover's erection before covering it with his wet hand, turning his gaze up to Sephiroth again. He kept his gaze on the older man as he pulled his hand back and lay back on his elbow, arching his own back as he used his still lubricated fingers to tease his own entrance, moaning loudly as his hips rose a little to meet the contact, making a little show of it before he gaze Sephiroth a little seductive look.

Sephiroth: Sephiroth hissed slightly when he felt the added sensation of his lover’s groin grinding repeatedly against his own along with the teasing bite trail along his shoulders. Arching his back against the pleasurable stinging feeling from the younger man’s nails, Sephiroth’s hazy gaze followed every movement of Cloud’s body as the muscles rippled temptingly along his lovers frame. Leaning forward, he began licking and nipping the skin exposed to him finding the taste upon his lips far too addictive as his tongue swiped along Cloud’s chest and neck.

Far too overcome with the overwhelming sensations he was feeling, Sephiroth had no time to react as his hair was taken hold of and his head pulled back. A strangled noise between a purr and a moan emitted from his throat when he felt the pleasing pressure of the bite against his neck, reveling in the contact as he closed his eyes.

Groaning lightly in disappointment when Cloud left his lap, Sephiroth had to force himself not to reach out and force his lover to return. The distraction of the younger man’s graceful movements was enough though to keep Sephiroth where he was watched his lover hungrily while Cloud pulled the much needed tube from out of the draw. Sephiroth was prepared to take the tube from his lover’s possession when Cloud once again joined him on the bed but stopped himself from acting while he watched the younger man rid himself of the lid as it was flicked in some direction or another.

Sitting back to enjoy the show, his catlike eyes followed every movement his lover was making, his gaze trailing down the younger man’s arm as it was outstretched towards him. When the fingers curled around his erection, a loud moan escaped past his lips as his eyes slid shut at the pleasurable sensations. Feeling the slick gel coating his length, Sephiroth’s gaze was instantly snapped open and down to watch as he felt his lover’s tongue flick itself over the head of his erection. Moaning his pleasure, his hips raised up towards the contact automatically, even when Cloud’s teasing tongue was replaced with the touch of the younger man’s hands.

All too soon though the feeling was removed, leaving him aching for more as Sephiroth watched his lover move back to rest on his elbows, exposing that addictive body entirely to him.

His attention never once wavered from Cloud’s prone body, the sight of it far too tempting as he found his body moving on its own accord. Shifting himself across the short distance, Sephiroth found his gaze draw down to the attention his lover was giving his own entrance, finding the sight to be rather erotic, even more so when it was added with the sounds of the younger man’s moans.

Tearing his gaze away from the sight, the mako within his eyes once again blazed with passion, the emotion instantly mixing with his feelings of possessiveness as he situated himself between his lover’s legs. Spreading Cloud’s legs out further, Sephiroth’s hands slowly slid along the inside’s of his lover’s thighs as he leant his body forward, purposely directing his slickened length to tease the younger man’s entrance. Pushing his erection up against the entrance, one of Sephiroth’s hands found its resting place upon Cloud’s hip bone while the other supported his frame as his body hovered just above his lovers.

“You are mine Cloud.” Sephiroth whispered possessively as he moved in to trail his tongue along the length of his lover’s neck. After marking the younger man’s neck with a bite, Sephiroth pulled himself away as his gaze focused once again onto Cloud. “And after tonight not even death will separate me from your side.”

Cloud: Pausing in his action when Sephiroth came closer to him, Cloud peered up through the darkness at the older man, drawing his hand back when Sephiroth moved between his legs. He shifted his weight and lifted his legs so his knees were hooked and pressed against the older man's hips, groaning softly upon receiving a teasing, arching his back in response to it. He tilted his head back to allow Sephiroth access to it, moaning softly in response to his lover's words.

He lay completely back against the bed and trailed his hands down Sephiroth's chest, tugging Sephiroth over him more while tightening the grip of his legs on Sephiroth's hips. "I don't plan on dying any time soon," he softly pointed out as he leaned up and nuzzled the older man's face with his nose. He curled his hands around Sephiroth's neck, lacing his fingers into the silver hair at the base of his lover's neck, massaging and stroking the sensitive area to distract the older man.

Suddenly he rolled them so he sat atop Sephiroth, leaning down over the older man and softly purring into his lover's ear again. "You say I'm yours... that you will never let me leave your side," he murmured softly, adding a little moan into the older man's ear. "Prove it to me. Prove that you won't let me go... catch me, if you can. Catch me... and I'll give you whatever you want..."

Unhooking his legs, he leapt off of Sephiroth's body, skidding at the end of the bed before rolling from it to the floor. This was his test to Sephiroth, to see if the older man could and would come after him and how quickly that Sephiroth would retrieve him, if at all. If not, he could draw his own conclusions. Rolling to his feet, he began to pick his way towards the door which was still closed.

Sephiroth: Allowing his body to follow in the direction Cloud tugged him in as the legs around him tightened their hold, Sephiroth's hands both moved out to rest on either side of the younger man's body as he allowed his own to hover over Cloud's. The soft words spoken instantly grabbed his attention "It pleases me to hear it" Sephiroth responded just as quietly with.

And he was pleased to hear it, so often Cloud spoke of his own death so easily, even when he determined he would not sacrifice himself within battle it had only been for his sake and never for Cloud's own. But the way his lover had spoken this time, the meaning behind it was directed towards nothing but Cloud himself. Could it be possible that perhaps Cloud's own views were changing slightly even without his lover realising it was happening?

The purr of contentment couldn't be stopped as that revelation hit him along with the welcomed nuzzling. Shifting himself until he was able to capture his lover's mouth with his own, Sephiroth moaned into the kiss as he felt the fingers run through his hair. Shivering in delight when those same fingers began to stroke and massage his sensitive neck, he lay his body down, pressing his chest against that of his lover's.

It seemed he had become distracted once again by the younger mans ministrations and as he lay on top of Cloud, he found himself suddenly being in the reverse position. What ever words that were going to part from his lips died out before they developed as he heard yet again the soft pleasant tune of his lover's purr against his ear. Listening to the words Cloud spoke of, Sephiroth's own mouth decided to make good use of itself as he began licking and sucking the small stretch of neck available to him. He involuntarily found himself biting hard onto the flesh beneath his mouth at his lover's moan, his own throat sounding a quiet one at what was spoken to him.

Pulling his mouth away from the younger man's throat, he moved his head back so he could regard Cloud's face. He felt deep within him, beneath all the pleasure and desire that was currently dominating his being, the usual sparks of a challenge well up within. The hazy look within his eyes sharpened instantly as he gazed up at his lover. "I would delve into the very planet herself to bring you back to me Cloud." Leaning up, his tongue darted out to swipe across the shell of Cloud's ear shortly before he brushed his lips over the same surface. "For there is no where on this planet that I can not find you and return you to your rightful place by my side."
He made no move to immediately follow his lover as Cloud leapt off and away from his body. Gracefully he rose from his position while he watched in amusement as the younger man rolled from the bed and onto the floor. Rising to his feet as Cloud did his own, Sephiroth made no move to recapture his lover as the younger man ran towards the closed bedroom door. There was no challenge or enjoyment if this little game was to end prematurely.

"I will give you to the count of three Cloud." Sephiroth casually mentioned as he leant his hip and shoulder casually against the wall, arms folding across his bare chest while his gaze lingered appreciatively along what it could see of Cloud's body within the darkness. "…One..."

Cloud: Cloud picked his way towards the door, hearing Sephiroth behind him, but didn't stop to look back at his lover. He knew Sephiroth well enough to know that he had picked a challenge in the older man, and his lover would pursue him even if it had turned into a little game for Sephiroth. He glanced back through the darkness, able to pick out the older man's glowing green eyes and made it to the door when the first number was issued.

"Let's hope you can keep up..." he murmured softy as he pulled the door opened and slipped out of it, making sure to close it behind him to give him a second or two to play with. He slipped down the hallway towards the living room, trotting to the middle of the room and knowing better than to hide as it he would surely be found easily. Sephiroth did have that ability to sense him, though he didn't know how it worked.

He set himself up to being able to bolt into the kitchen and dodge around any attack that Sephiroth made, though he had a feeling that his lover wanted the joy of a chase. He could provide that somewhat.

Sephiroth: “Two” Sephiroth said to the empty room as the only door into the room closed with an audible click. Cloud’s new verbal challenge only spiked the one he already felt within even further… even if he knew he wouldn’t have too much trouble at all keeping up with his younger lover. He may have been a few years senior to Cloud, but he was by no means slow in any right. “Three.”

Slipping out past the door once the countdown had ended, standing just outside of the room Sephiroth allowed his gaze and senses to search around the confines of the hallway, seeking out which direction Cloud had taken. Sensing his lover towards the living room, Sephiroth silently began making his way towards where the younger man would be located, preparing himself for what would soon enough turn into a game of tag once he’d caught sight of Cloud.

Rounding the corner into the living room, he made no move to attempt catching his lover as Cloud came into sight. He could see the tactical advantage of the younger man’s position and instantly checked for the possible escape routs. Judging from his own current location though he’d have no chance to truly stop any kind of retreat on Cloud’s part… but that didn’t mean that he still couldn’t chase his lover.

“Is this when I say ‘Ready or not’?” Sephiroth asked while a playful smirk curled at the corner of his lips shortly before he pushed his strength into his left leg and pushed himself forward as he rushed in towards Cloud’s location.

Cloud: Cloud waited silently as he knew Sephiroth would come down the hall eventually, and he could tell by the lack of opening doors that his lover was tracking him. It put him at a severe disadvantage as he had little to no Jenova cells to sense Sephiroth in return, but this wasn't a game to keep away for that long really. He had a feeling that Sephiroth would catch him eventually, but he could make it a good chase as he knew his house well enough.

When Sephiroth appeared, he watched the older man's body language keenly for signs of an attack on him. "You can say anything you want since you'll be eating my dust..." he murmured, adding a soft moan at the end as he ran his hands down his chest and over the ridge of his hips, arching his back towards the contact until it touched his hips in which he rolled them towards Sephiroth seductively. He rolled his head back and exposed his marked up neck.

It was at that moment he noticed the shift of weight on Sephiroth, and he instantly shifted his weight to launch himself forward. He smirked as he darted into the kitchen, aware he had the better momentum for the wanted direction, and he simply began to sprint down the hallway again. Trailing his fingers against the wall so he knew exactly where he was, he darted back into his bedroom and slammed the door shut. He leapt over to the window and scrambled out, grabbing the edge of the roof and hauling himself onto it.

Sephiroth: His resolve for the chase weakened the moment he saw the actions and heard the delightful sounds his lover decided to make in order to taunt him. Oh how he was going to do many things to Cloud’s seductive body once he got his hands back onto his lover. He would mark every place possible while he claimed the younger man as his own.

The moment that Cloud launched himself towards the kitchen, Sephiroth landed on his lover’s previous position in the next instant. Without a second thought he switched directions and quickly made to continue the chase as he ran behind the younger man. Hearing the bedroom door slam shut, Sephiroth quickly closed in on the same location as his hand instantly reached out to grip the handle before throwing the door wide open.

Not pausing in his pursuit, his speed never once faltered as he followed Cloud’s presence out through the window. He made no move to grasp the edge of the roof and instead relied on his ability to fly as he went sailing out the window, stopping himself after a few metres. His senses instantly stretching out to distinguish which direction his lover had taken, it took only a single moment to feel the younger man’s presence on top of the roof and in the next instant, Sephiroth spun his body around in midair and flew up to hover just beyond the edge of the ledge for the roof.

Still highly aroused, the entire enjoyment he was having from the chase was barely winning the struggle against his desire to take Cloud right then and there upon the roof. Deciding that two could play at that game, Sephiroth moved his body over the top of the roof. His feet remaining off from the ground as he hovered over it, he slowly began to advance on the younger man as his eyes narrowed in contented pleasure as his voice dropped down into a seductive purr. “I can think of far better things to taste from you than your dust Cloud… and taste them I will.”

Cloud: Turning on the roof when he felt Sephiroth just behind him, Cloud watched as his lover simply flew instead of having to submit to the normal force of gravity. He envied that ability a little, though he knew his jumping ability nearly kept himself up at the same level as Sephiroth, and he backed himself up the roof when the older man floated closer, keeping distance between them. He could tell right away that Sephiroth was enjoying this chase.

"Well, you haven't caught me yet, so I don't have to worry about that," he replied as he stepped further back off the roof. He licked a finger and trailed it down his lips then chin and neck, stopping after smearing a wet trail down his skin which glistened slightly in the limited moonlight. "But... I do taste pretty good right now," he finished.

And then he suddenly turned and bolted over the roof, leaping into the air and flipping elegantly, spinning himself around so he was watching Sephiroth on the way down, again passing his hands over his body to tempt the older man before he disappeared from view from the roof top. He settled on the grass and bolted for the backdoor of his house, pushing himself through it and not bothering to close it as he launched himself forward to sprint again.

Sephiroth: His attention was immediately brought to Cloud’s finger as his lover’s tongue seductively wove its way around the digit before it disappeared and the finger began it’s journey down the tempting neck. The way that the wet trail glistened under the moonlight was almost hypnotic and stirred far too many uncontrollable emotions within him as Sephiroth growled lightly in the back of his throat in pleasure.

The sound was one he’d never made before and he was far too focused upon his lover’s actions to even realise such a noise had been admitted. “It is a small factor which will soon enough change… you are mine Cloud… will always be mine and tasting you is only one of the things I will do once I have caught what belongs to me again.” His voice began with a slight groan as he spoke, as his mind supplied him of images and thoughts of exactly what he would do to the younger man once he captured him.

The corner of his lips curved as yet another growl sounded from his throat at the tempting sight of Cloud leaping back off from the roof. Sephiroth waisted no time and shortly after he rushed forward, instantly back onto the younger man’s trail. The trip down from the roof, to the ground then over towards the back door was done in what looked to be a blink of an eye as Sephiroth remained in hot pursuit of his lover.

Using all of his abilities to increase his speed, Sephiroth rushed forward as he rapidly closed the distance between himself and his tempting prey. Reaching out a hand, Sephiroth tightly gripped onto his lover’s shoulder, forcing Cloud to stop along with himself. Yanking the younger man back towards him, making sure not to cause too much pain in the action, Sephiroth reached out with his other to grasp the free shoulder before spinning them both around and slamming Cloud’s back up against the wall. His hands instantly moved down to tightly grasp both of his lover’s wrists as his body pressed tightly up against Cloud’s. A loud moan slipped past his lips as he felt the overwhelming pleasure spark through his body as his erection was met with the delicious contact with his lover’s body.

Rubbing his body up against that of Cloud’s, purring contently as he gained some pleasure from the slight amount of friction gained, Sephiroth held onto his captive’s wrists tightly as he gazed possessively at his lover and throatily spoke. “I want to devour you, consume every part until neither of us knows where one begins and the other ends. I want to make you mine and forever bind you to me…. My Cloud… Mine.”

Cloud: Cloud managed to get two steps down the hallway before he simply knew that there was a presence behind him that could be none other than Sephiroth. He tried to shift his weight to one side to avoid capture, but he was grabbed before he could manage it quick enough, grunting softly when he was pulled to a stop and spun around. He lost his balance enough that it gave Sephiroth the advantage and he found himself pressed up against the wall with Sephiroth hard against him.

He shifted his weight enough and rubbed himself back against Sephiroth's body, closing his eyes as he slid his hands along Sephiroth's sides and moaned softly at his lover. He had no doubt about Sephiroth's words and he easily gazed at the older man, not frightened or turned off such statement of possession towards himself. He leaned up and pressed his lips against Sephiroth's, licking them and teasing the lower lip with is tongue piercing.

His hands slid up to Sephiroth's shoulders and gripped them hard, certain he was leaving a little mark behind on each. He suddenly used all of his strength and shoved Sephiroth back, stepping away from the wall and growling softly in his lover's direction. "Catch me to keep me..." he said back seductively before bolting again, darting down the long hallway towards the bedrooms and leaving his lover behind with yet another challenge.

Sephiroth: When he felt lips against his own, Sephiroth instantly responded back, teasing his lover’s tongue and tongue piercing as he felt the electric touch of Cloud’s hands sliding up to his shoulders. A short hiss of pleasure escaped past his lips as he felt the hard grip on them before it transformed into a low moan. Not expecting the sudden strength against him, Sephiroth released his hold on the younger man in reflex as he stumbled back a few steps.

Sephiroth sounded his own growl in return at his lover’s words, instantly moving to chase after his retreating lover. ‘Just out of reach… always out of reach…’ a light growl reverberated in the back of his throat at his thoughts while his eyes narrowed and focused their intense gaze onto Cloud’s escaping form. No, he would never allow such a thing to continue… Cloud was his, and that was all that mattered any longer.

His form sped down the hallway quickly, his figure seeming like a silver blur as he passed by the living room and heading towards the bedrooms. He wouldn’t allow the younger man to escape out anymore window’s, would never allow it he vowed as the thrill of the chase slowly began to lose favour over his desire to make Cloud his. Firming his thoughts, he spurred forward, determined to recapture his lover and prove to Cloud once and for all who he belonged too.

Closing the distance between them, Sephiroth’s hands snatched out to grasp either side of his lover’s hips, pulling the younger man’s body back against his. Wrapping his arms tightly around his captive’s waist, stubbornly refusing to let go, Sephiroth’s knee struck out to knock the back of Cloud’s own to off balance his lover.

Cloud: Cloud raced down the hallway, able to hear both his own and Sephiroth's pounding footsteps on the hardwood floor. He pushed harder on the floor to gain more speed and keep away from the older man, but he could tell that Sephiroth was still gaining on him as they raced down the hallway. He knew he should dart into a bedroom and try to get himself out of a window and make a better attempt to put distance between them to keep up the chase.

He felt Sephiroth's grip a moment before the older man's knee hit his, and he gasped when his balance was thrown, trying to regain it immediately. He reached out to grasp onto the wall to hold himself up, but his fingers simply slipped against the wall as he toppled over to the hardwood floor, slamming down hard on his shoulder with a wince. He groan left his throat as he moved to instantly get his hands under him to hoist his weight back up to scramble away.

"Sephiroth... such an ass," he murmured as he made the attempt to scramble to his feet again and continue to race around.

Sephiroth: He released his grip around his lover, not wanting to crush the younger man when he felt the other’s balance beginning to break. Sephiroth forced his body to a complete stop when Cloud’s equilibrium was lost and his captive fell down. No time was wasted though, even as he heard the groan pass by his lover’s lips as Cloud instantly attempted to continue his escape.

Soon enough, he was falling down to his knee’s, one hand snapping out to tightly hold onto Cloud’s hip while the other slid down his lover’s thigh until it reached the back of the younger man’s knee and began to massage the area. Positioning himself up against Cloud’s backside, his erection pressed up against his lover’s body while his own moved to drape itself down along Cloud’s back.

Arm snaking around his lover’s midsection, Sephiroth began rocking his hips against Cloud’s backside, rubbing his erection against it. A loud moan passed his lips at the sensation, sounding directly against the younger man’s ear while his other hand stopped its attack upon Cloud’s knee and moved up to caress his lover’s navel.

“Mmmm” Sephiroth purred lightly into Cloud’s ear while the hand teasing his lover’s navel dropped lower and began to stroke the younger man’s erection. Keeping the movement of his hips at a steady beat, the purr being emitted transformed into a delightful low growl as he spoke. “but it is one thing about me that you have grown to love.”

Cloud: Cloud managed to get to his hands and knees to make the scrambling attempt possible, but he was halted instantly when there was a hand on the back of his knee, sending up near immobilizing pleasure to the rest of him. He didn't have the attention to resist when he felt Sephiroth drape all over him, holding up his weight on his hands as he shivered and bit his lip to hold in a moan when he found Sephiroth rubbing up against him.

He closed his eyes at the continued contact, the chase forgotten for the moment as he simply enjoyed the older man's body against his own. He arches his back when one of Sephiroth's hands moved from his knee to his navel, sucking in his stomach a little as he made a valid attempt to contain himself. "I admit nothing," he muttered back, pushing his backside back against Sephiroth, one of his hands lifting and reaching back to tangle into some of Sephiroth's hair. "The chase isn't over..."

He made an attempt to dart forward on his hands and knees, to make Sephiroth really want it beyond real thought. He glanced back as he tried to tug his way out of Sephiroth's hold on him, aware they could have a power-struggle in the middle of the floor if they so desired it.

Sephiroth: “Oh I believe otherwise.” Tightening his one armed hold when he felt his lover attempting to escape his grasp yet again, his catlike eyes glazing over in lust as his needs and desires for Cloud overwhelmed him. The hand stroking the younger man’s erection suddenly stopped in its torment as it moved to grip his lover’s side. He would make it so then continuing the chase was the last thing on Cloud’s side.

Pulling his body far enough away, he used his strength to flip Cloud over until the younger man’s back was against the hardwood floor. The sight of his lover in such a position was almost too much for him to take, forcing him to control himself from simply taking Cloud right then and there.

…but no, he was going to drive his lover insane with lust and enjoy it as the younger man squirmed beneath him in pleasure. “I have caught you Cloud… and I will never let you go.” His voice dripped with the same emotion of possessiveness which flared within the mako of his eyes, trailing his gaze appreciatively along the tempting figure sprawled out beneath him.

Trailing his tongue down the length of his lover’s chest, the slick muscle made to tease Cloud’s sensitive navel before moving down lower. Shifting his body slightly, Sephiroth made sure to hold Cloud firmly down to the ground as his tongue teasingly flicked over the tip of his lover’s erection. Tasting the slightly salty flavour upon his senses, the tongue was shortly replaced as he took his lover into his mouth.

Cloud: Shaking his head a little, Cloud made to get himself out of Sephiroth's grip, but he was shocked when he was suddenly flipped over onto his back. He lay stunned a moment, trying to figure out what was going on before his blue eyes flicked down to regard the older man above him, raising his hands in some attempt to push Sephiroth away playfully if the older man came at him again.

He blinked when Sephiroth began to lick down his body, slipping his fingers into the older man's hair to pull Sephiroth back from harassing him in such a manner any more, but he paused at the licking to his navel, his back arching. He groaned loudly at the sweet contact before he let out a surprised gasp when he got a very good idea what Sephiroth had planned for him, and he wiggled against the floor to try and fend the attack off.

He was forced to give up quickly and let his head fall back to rest against the floor, fingers now gripping the older man's silver hair as his hips shifted towards the contact. His eyelids fell half-closed as he found himself completely distracted away from any thought of escaping, remembering that he should but forgetting why he should bother with it now. "Sephiroth..."

Sephiroth: Pulling his mouth back away as he felt the hips beneath him shift upwards, the force he held upon his lover’s hips increased, pushing Cloud back down to the floor again. There were the telltale sign’s of his hair being grabbed tightly as a few of the hairs pulled at the contact.

Swirling his tongue around the hardened flesh within his mouth, Sephiroth hummed lightly in pleasure at the sound of his name falling from his lover’s lips. That single word pushing his desire further as the noise he emitted sent small amounts of vibration along Cloud’s length.

Releasing one hand, it moved down to attack the back of Cloud’s knee’s while his head began to move up and down along his lover’s erection. Teasing his captive with the ministrations of his tongue, Sephiroth increased his speed as his mouth continued to lick and suck his lover’s erection.

It wasn’t an action that he did too often, preferring to typically stick to sex, seeing this act to be far more personal than simply allowing another to take your body. Yet this time he felt the rare desire to act upon such want’s he usually left denied as he wanted nothing more than to taste everything part of Cloud.

Cloud: Cloud couldn't help the shudder the left his body when Sephiroth didn't actually stop, thinking that it had been at first a way to distract him enough to keep him still. He gritted his teeth to hold in a loud moan, finally clenching his eyes shut as his head tilted back more, exposing more of his marked up throat. This was not something that he had expected or been prepared for, and he normally was resistant to such manners of vulnerability.

He moaned loudly and his hips bucked in response to the touch to the back of his knee. He shifted his leg up to expose the flesh more to the contact, his breathing rate jumping up as he began to feel a fine sheen of sweat beginning to break out on his skin. He bit his lip to keep himself from making too much noise, his fingers massaging the back of Sephiroth's head as he managed to get his body to fall into rhythm even if he had a lot of trouble moving.

Finally letting out a little moan, he arched his back from the floor. He managed to pry his eyes open and stare down at Sephiroth between his legs then let his head fall back against the floor. "Sephiroth..."

Sephiroth: The shudder that ran through his lover’s body only encouraged him on further, as it gave Sephiroth the knowledge that his current treatment to the younger man was working out as planned. At the sound of the moan which passed by Cloud’s lips, the fingers massaging the back of his lover’s knee moved around further to get a better position of attack on his target.

Moving his head back each time the hips beneath him bucked up, Sephiroth found his eyes involuntarily closing when he felt the soothing feeling of Cloud’s touch to the back of his head. The contact sending shivers of his own down along the length of his spine as Sephiroth purred quietly in the back of his throat.

When he was given yet another moan, he found his own movement’s picking up in speed, finding himself desiring to hear more of the sounds as the hand holding onto his lover’s hip, moved down to attack Cloud’s other knee.

It was when he heard his name spoken again that Sephiroth slowed his pace down again, wanting to increase his lover’s desire with the flickering thought of denial. Pulling his mouth free for the moment, Sephiroth trailed his tongue along the length of his lover’s erection before lightly blowing a soft breath over the top of it. Swiping his tongue over the tip, he once again took the younger man into his mouth and continued on with his teasing.

Cloud: When Sephiroth's speed increased, Cloud groaned and shifted his shoulders against the floor, his fingers stopping in their massaging to grip onto the locks between his fingers. His eyes rolled back as his back arched further from the floor at the teasing to the back of his knee, shivering in his pleasure.

He panted softly and removed one of his hands out of Sephiroth's hair, shifting his hand up to push his now sweaty spikes of blonde hair from his forehead, curling his fingers into his own hair as his hips moved up towards Sephiroth's mouth, a soft pleading noise leaving his throat as he tried for more contact. It had been so long since he had experienced one of these, and it was a definite difference to what he considered normal.

His fingers tightened in Sephiroth's hair as his lips parted and a little cry of pleasure left them as his hips moved towards Sephiroth's touch and he found his climax. He shuddered almost violently before resting back against the floor panting heavily, shivering in afterglow.

Sephiroth: The feel of hair being pulled barely registered within his mind as soon as the small pleasured cry fell from Cloud’s lips, shortly before his lover found his release. Holding onto the younger mans legs tightly as the near-violent shudder ran through his body, Sephiroth swallowed his lover’s seed as Cloud rode through the transition of his orgasm.

Swirling his tongue around his lover’s length, the muscle picking up any missed traces of Cloud’s passion, Sephiroth released the younger man’s length from his mouth before moving up to trail a line of kissed up along the muscled chest. Trailing his fingers along either side of Cloud’s thighs, his tongue teasingly swiped over the younger man’s nipple.

He didn’t wait for Cloud to compose himself after his climax, finding his own body aching to touch his lover and claim him as his own. Shifting himself forward, he positioned his lover’s legs to hook around his waist as he positioned himself at the younger man’s entrance. Pushing his against it slowly, his slickened erection pressed forward as the tip entered into his lover.

Cloud: Cloud let out a few pleased noises to Sephiroth when the older man cleaned him up, shifting his hand from grasping his hair to the back of his head, propping his head up. He kept his eyes closed as his body sang with afterglow, his muscles slowly relaxing again as he vaguely felt Sephiroth moving up his body. He let out a little moan to his lover, opening one eye to peer up through the darkness at the older man.

He allowed his legs to wrap around Sephiroth's waist, simply holding the older man and not sure where they would go next. He leaned up to kiss Sephiroth, but he stopped short when he was slowly entered. He let out a loud groan and arched his back, rubbing his stomach against Sephiroth's as his free arm swung up and around Sephiroth's shoulders, aware he would be getting no break from one experience to the next.

He pressed his face into the older man's neck and bit down, leaving a red mark before licking it gently. "Sephiroth... I love you," he murmured into the older man's ear before allowing a soft squeak to leave his lips.

Sephiroth: Pressing his own stomach back against Cloud’s own at the contact, Sephiroth continued to slowly push himself into his lover’s tight passage. A pleasured groan of his own passed by his lips as he felt the younger mans face against his neck, shortly before the arousing spikes of pain shot through his neck. Leaning his throat up into the bite, his fingers began caressing either side of his lover’s hipbone.

Trailing his touch up further, his hands moved over Cloud’s body possessively, caressing and massaging the muscles beneath them as he pushed himself deeper into his lover.

“Cloud…. Mine… you’re mine now and forever… I will never allow anyone to take you from me… mine…. Always mine…” There was a purr of contentment at the words spoken to him and soon enough he found himself leaning up to capture Cloud’s lips with his own as he physically wanted to show his possessive claim upon the younger man. Pressing his mouth hard against his lover’s his tongue darted out to run teasingly along the younger man’s lower lip before he drew his captive into his mouth and began to suck lightly onto the soft piece of flesh.

Cloud: Letting out a moan at Sephiroth's words, Cloud closed his eyes again and pulled his arm out from being behind his head to tangling his fingers into Sephiroth's hair again, pushing the older man's bangs back before his fingers raked through Sephiroth's hair until he was massaging the back of his lover's neck. He pressed his lips back against Sephiroth's, and he shivered when his lip was sucked on, flicking his tongue out in return to caress Sephiroth's lips.

His arm tightened around Sephiroth's shoulders, pulling the older man hard against his chest. He tightened the hold of his legs around Sephiroth's waist, moaning into the kiss before he pulled from it and gazed up at his lover. He pushed back the strands of silver that hung into his lover's face and a soft smile touched the corner of his lips for a moment before it disappeared again almost as quickly as it came.

"Let me take care of you, alright," he murmured softly and nuzzled his lover's face with his nose. He loosened his grip on Sephiroth's hips just a little and gave a soft squeak to the older man.

Sephiroth: Allowing himself to be pulled down hard against his lover’s chest, Sephiroth continued to suck and nibble upon the captured piece of flesh. His body shivered in pleasure when he felt the hold around him tighten while he reluctantly allowed Cloud to pull away from their kiss. The mako within his catlike eyes seemed to glow contently, the only true sign to his emotions while his attention remained solely fixated upon the younger man below him.

Unconsciously his head tilted into Cloud’s touch as he silently moved to push back the few stray strands of hair which fell down along his face. The smile upon his lover’s lips instantly caught his attention, the emotion such a rare occurrence that once it disappeared, Sephiroth leant down and pressed a light kiss to Cloud’s own.

At Cloud’s words he felt himself pause slightly, his gaze searching out the younger man’s words for the brief moment before the sight was hidden as Cloud nuzzled his face. His own hands moved to wrap around his lover’s body, holding the younger man tightly to him as his face moved down to nuzzle into Cloud’s neck.

“…take care of me…” Sephiroth spoke, his voice low and quiet. Brushing his lips over the skin beneath them, he felt his body shake as he finally situated himself entirely within his lover. “…take care of me and never let me go…. Say that you will be mine, mine forever Cloud…”

Cloud: Cloud was a little surprised when Sephiroth's arms wrapped around him, leaning into the hold until he heard his lover's words. That was a very surprising request from Sephiroth, and his other arm instantly wrapped around the older man's shoulders to hold Sephiroth in return. He could feel Sephiroth lightly shaking, and he wasn't entire sure if it was just a sign of a progression of their passionate activity or to what Sephiroth spoke.

He never thought that he would hear Sephiroth want to be taken care of, but it was a relief to him all the same. It meant that he wasn't completely relying on Sephiroth and giving nothing in return, but it appeared that the older man wanted emotional support as much as some physical. It would the second time that he could remember of Sephiroth admitting the need for his support.

His hands slipped down to rub against Sephiroth's back, soothing the older man lying on top of him. He rested his forehead against Sephiroth's, peering into the green eyes above him before nodding slightly. "I'll take care of you and keep you close... and I will be yours," he murmured in return before pressing his lips to Sephiroth's.

Sephiroth: Back arching up into the contact, Sephiroth’s gaze remained locked firmly with the blue pair of his lovers. “…Mine…” Sephiroth tested the word out on his lips, one that he had said countless times before now yet each one said prior to this moment always held fear within them.

Cloud was his. A concept he had desired for so long that at times it had seemed like a near impossibility, a desire of his actually becoming reality. Sephiroth returned the kiss, finding no need to rush the contact as he slowly enjoyed the feel of Cloud’s lips against his own. Pulling away from the touch, only leaving enough space between them so their lips still lightly brushed against one another. “Always mine from now on…”

Shifting himself out of Cloud’s hold, he began to slowly withdraw himself from his lover, pulling himself to kneel over Cloud’s body as he stretched his torso muscles. Running his hands over his body, a loud moan escaped his lips at the touch of his own fingers as they caressed his body. Sliding his palms flat down along the defined muscles of his abdomen, Sephiroth moved them until they continued down further to slide onto his lover’s leg, never once faltering in their movements. Still they showed no sign of stopping as his touch moved over the younger man’s hips and slid across Cloud’s own defined muscles. Purring softly as he felt the steady rise and fall of his lover’s chest, his touch moved back down until one hand tightly gripped Cloud’s hip while the other began to stroke the younger man’s length slowly.

“…I will always be by your side Cloud…” He spoke shortly before he slammed his erection back into his lover’s passage. Gazing down possessively, Sephiroth began moving himself in and out of the younger man as his breath came out in shallow pants.

Cloud: Nodding his head a little to Sephiroth's words, Cloud sensed something different in the manner that Sephiroth had spoken to him. He could never place the feeling until it had left Sephiroth's voice, and this was the first time that it had been absent. He realized then that Sephiroth was no longer clinging to him with a hesitation, the smallest amount of fear having left completely for whatever reason. Perhaps this was what had been required to actually see the possibility that they could make this work right?

His eyes flicked down to watch his lover shift, following the movement of Sephiroth's hands as they moved around. His own hands twitched, wanting to touch in the same way that Sephiroth was touching himself, but he held back so that he could watch each and every shift of muscle in the darkness. He arched his back when the touch transferred to himself, arching his body towards the contact and sighing loudly.

He bucked hard when Sephiroth slammed into him, a loud squeak ripping from his lips at the unexpected thrust. His hands instantly flew up and grabbed any part of Sephiroth that was in reach, gripping his lover hard as Sephiroth picked up a solid rhythm. His body instantly moved to meet each thrust, each thrust managing to get a pleasured squeak from him as one hand slipped down to caress the spot below Sephiroth's ribs while the other moved to stroke the back of his lover's neck.

Sephiroth: Sephiroth made no move to slow down his pace, even as he felt the tight grip on his forearms as Cloud instinctively reached out for something to hold onto. As Cloud’s body moved in time to meet each of his thrusts, Sephiroth’s body arched to the side, moving towards the touch to his ribs as he let out a throaty groan.

His senses began to overwhelm him when he felt fingers dance across the sensitive area at the back of his neck. Nerves which already felt alive seemed to burn with passion. A light sheen of sweat began to appear across his skin as he continued to move within his lover, pushing himself deeper with each thrust until he found the one certain spot which would drive the younger man wild.

Moving to drape himself back over Cloud’s body, Sephiroth tightly took hold of his lover’s hips. The new hold allowing himself to bury deeper within the younger man’s passage with each thrust. Sucking on the flesh just below the base of Cloud’s neck, Sephiroth found himself biting down hard, unable to control himself when he felt the slight traces of copper on his tastebuds. Lapping at the small traces of red fluid, he directed his attention towards a new area before giving the same treatment all over again.

Cloud: Cloud tilted his head back when Sephiroth remained unrelenting with him, not expecting anything less from the older man who had been eager since the first moment foreplay had began in the bedroom. The now warm floor under him held him fast against it, and he slid the hand teasing Sephiroth's ribs around the older man's midback, holding on as his other hand continued to caress the back of Sephiroth's neck.

He winced when he was bitten, his lips parting but all that left was a small squeak that turned into a moan upon Sephiroth's thrusting hips. He dropped one leg down from clinging onto the older man, keeping the other firmly in place to keep some semblence of grip. He settled his foot on the floor next to Sephiroth's hip, arching his back upwards towards Sephiroth's body. He panted and blinked a sweaty spike of hair from his eyes.

Using his foot on the floor, Cloud suddenly waged his strength and rolled them until he was sitting atop Sephiroth's body, drawing his other leg back just in time. He set his knees on the floor on either side of Sephiroth's body and leaned down so he could gaze at the older man now under him, scratching his dull nails down Sephiroth's chest. Slowly, he lifted himself up Sephiroth's erection and dropped himself back down, arching his back instantly to the change.

Sephiroth: The sudden loss of one leg from around his waist barely even went noticed as Sephiroth continued to move himself in and out of his lover. His body too focused on the pleasurable sensations coursing through it to realise what was happening until he felt their balance disturbed shortly before Sephiroth found himself rolled over.

There was a short shock of cold wood that pressed up against his back, causing him to arch his chest up for the briefest of moments before settling himself yet again. His hands instantly shot out to grasp both of his lover’s knees, holding them tightly for a few moments until he relaxed his grip and slid his hands up until they came to rest on Cloud’s hips.

He moaned his pleasure as the feeling of his lover’s nails scratched down along the front of his chest, enjoying the slight stinging pain created by it. There was a sudden sharp intake of breath when he felt Cloud beginning to lift himself up off of his erection. The friction such movement caused creating a barrage of sensation coursing into the pit of his stomach before the warm tight feeling returned upon Cloud’s downward thrust.

Tilting his head back against the hardwood floor, his eyes slid shut as he allowed the senses to wash over him and moaned loudly, his body beginning to respond by thrusting his own hips up in time to meet with Cloud’s own movements.

Cloud: Cloud managed to find his own rhythm settled atop Sephiroth, rolling his head back as he rode the older man to stare up at the darkened ceiling above them. His hands finally settled on Sephiroth's stomach as he lifted himself up and slipped back down on the older man's arousal, biting back a few moans in the process of setting up his own quick rhythm to keep Sephiroth's attention on him.

He closed his eyes as he felt yet another orgasm drawing closer, squeaking softly for Sephiroth. He dug his nails into the older man's sides, gripping on as he met Sephiroth's thrusting hips, panting heavily as he rolled his body with the movement set between them. He arched his back more, tilting his shoulders back and pushing out his stomach more as his hands slid back over his own thighs and then down Sephiroth's caressing the older man's legs.

He groaned loudly at a particularly hard thrust, his hips shifting in the rhythm until he settled again. He shuddered as he suddenly came, moaning the older man's name in the darkness of the hallway before he nearly collapsed off to the side. He normally got more time between their bouts of passion, leaving him a little light headed.

Sephiroth: Hearing the delightful squeak sounding from his lovers lips, Sephiroth managed to force his eyes to open and focused his hazy gaze onto Cloud’s form. He watched mesmerized as the younger man moved his body, hissing quietly in pleasure between his panting breath as he felt the chain effect of stinging pain course through his sides. Moving his hands around to caress the area of muscles which stretched across his lover’s stomach, Sephiroth felt his legs rise up to meet the contact of Cloud’s hands as he continued thrusting up into the younger man.

He was coming close to reaching his release and as the loud groan sounded in the dark hallway as Cloud found his release. Sephiroth tightened his hold on his lover as he felt the younger man’s body shudder from the orgasm. He held Cloud up from toppling over as he continued the last few thrusts into his lover’s rapidly tightening passage. The sensations though overwhelmed him and only a few moments afterwards his own climax was reached. Panting heavily, Sephiroth moaned loudly between his breath as he came deeply inside of his lover. Wrapping his arms around Cloud’s waist, he pulled the younger man down to rest against his body.

Attempting to catch his breath as he lay there in the darkness with Cloud in his arms, Sephiroth couldn’t resist nuzzling the side of the younger man’s neck shortly before he began to nip and lick the skin offered to him. Tightening his hold, he trailed a long line of kisses up the throat until he came into contact and captured Cloud’s mouth with his own. Kissing his lover slowly, Sephiroth eventually pulled his mouth away as he slipped himself free from the younger man’s passage. Resting his head back against the floor, a hand moved up to run through the sweat soaked hair of his lover as he gazed possessively up towards Cloud. “…you’ll always be mine… mine to love… always.”

Cloud: Shuddering, Cloud near toppled off of Sephiroth and eventually allowed himself to be laid down on top of the older man, panting heavily as he clenched his eyes shut and bathed in his afterglow. He let out a soft murmuring noise towards the nuzzling he received, simply allowing his arms to slip down to rest down against the cool floor. He shifted his head away to allow Sephiroth access his neck and shoulders, only half-heartedly kissing the older man in return, a small squeak followed to emphasize his pleasure of the situation.

He rested silently on top of Sephiroth's chest, shifting around so that his legs extended out and nestled between Sephiroth's. Opening his eyes after a moment, he finally raised a hand and caressed the older man's side tenderly. His gaze flicked up to regard Sephiroth, lifting his head a little to better regard the older man. "Indeed..." he murmured softly and finally looked around the darkened hallway that they were lying in.

Laying himself down again, he settled his head on Sephiroth's shoulder with a contented sigh. "We should move somewhere more comfortable than the hallway floor," he said softly. He didn't think that it would be good if they both fell asleep on the floor... if Sephiroth actually planned on sleeping. He couldn't be sure yet.

Sephiroth: Purring quietly when he felt the gentle caressing to his side, Sephiroth languidly stretched out his frame to the contact, feeling his body wanting nothing more to do that to simply relax. Moving to nuzzle his lover’s neck again, he felt the subtle shifts of movement when obviously the younger man turned his attention up towards the darkened ceiling.

Their current location had been in the back of his mind, but if he had been honest with himself not once had a change in location been thought of. Cloud did of course have a point and spending the remainder of the night lying down on a hardwood floor was not exactly his idea of a comfortable evening. “I would have to agree.”

Shifting himself slightly as he managed to put his limbs in the right positions, he wrapped one arm tightly around Cloud’s body to hold might securely against his own, then with his other moved to push him up into a seated position. Repositioning himself again, Sephiroth ignored any protests which might be sounded from his actions and held his lover within his arms when he managed to get himself into a crouched position, shortly before standing up entirely.

The weight was easy to manage, even despite his body’s current desire to do nothing but relax after the afterglow, but he pushed himself into moving and began to trek his way through the hallway and back towards Cloud’s bedroom.