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The Sky is Falling

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children RPG

Fighting Sky RPG -- FFVII Advent Children
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This game has been shut down as of May 27th, 2006


1) No abuse of the rules

2) Absolutely NO harassment of players, and no godmodding (playing the actions of another character that is not your own). This is a pet-peeve of mine, and I will be looking out for it. Respect the role-playing abilities of others.

3) All content that is adult rated must be put behind a cut with a warning stating what is under it. This includes fight scenes, sexual content, and fangirling (yes, you know you're here because you do it).

4) Your writing skills must be legable and acceptable to a fully English crowd. No 1337-speak and no Japanese endings (-chan, -san, -sama, etc.) unless the character has it within their personality to use such things in normal speech. Don't throw in random Japanese words (Hai, gomen, ect.) either as they annoy people. The only exception that will be allowed is the SHM calling Cloud 'nii-san' or Marlene calling Tifa 'nee-san'.

5) Activity is required for this game to go anywhere, so you must post every two weeks, or let me know why you cannot post.

6) All OOC comments are to be placed in the OOC community, fightingsky_ooc. Any reports of a character being out of line in the actual RPG community are to be brought to me. I do expect that everyone has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and realize the characterization presented and will do their best to express that characterization.

7) Have fun, and if you are not for one reason or another, please let me know. This can be a problem with another player, boredom, etc.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Important Links:=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Character Application When applying for a character, I will try to have applications read over and an answer returned within two days. I find it rude when MODs do not return word about applications, so I will do my best to give word quickly and effeciently.

The Plot This is an overview and suggestion on events that have occurred since the end of AC that may help build characters and increase interaction. Yes, there is a plot, a villian, possibly a happy ending depending on players.

Materia & Combat Rules There are rules to be followed for the use of materia and of combat that all players are expected to know and play. They aren't complicated rules, and they are pretty logical.

Materia List Here is a list of materia that is accessable for this game and the spells that they cast. Any other materia that is support may be requested for approval.

Posting Guidelines Simple rules about the format of posting for both communities and personal journals.

Quick and Painless Way to Friend all RP Journals Use this to friend all the journals at once, including the OOC and RP communities.

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